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is creating trans narratives in writing, performance, and film

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I’ll smile every time I think about you. Any way of being consistent is beautiful.

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You’re keeping me afloat <3 <3 You’ll be in a lil thread of folks who will always be the first to directly receive links and info on things I make. I might even consult you for random advice and input in the making-process of different things. Trying hard to make the creative process as far from isolated as possible.
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All of the above + I'll send you funnee pictures from my Myspace years & personal piano recordings & lil internet treats & queer book recs every once in a while hehee. 





My name is Lexie (theythemtheirs or hehimhis). I’m a lover a words, long letters, pancakes and finding family in unexpected places. Much of my work revolves around themes of bodies, homes, cyclical violence, and queer foreshadowing.

This has taken the form of:

Organizing workshops for survivors of sexual assault!
Creating and acting in films!
Speaking at universities on trans inclusion in the #MeToo movement!
Anthology making!
Article writing!
Performance and art instillation curation! 

After two successful Kickstarters to organize the self-publishing and touring of my first two anthologies, I admit it!! I like making things!! I decided to make a Patreon because my life has become a practice of juggling a few projects at a time, as well as developing things that are ongoing. It has been difficult staying afloat. Side-hustles (helping with wedding proposals, cleaning out storage units, banquet catering, etc.) can make for a funny story in the future, but can also be incredibly draining and literally closeted. The world is A LOT, and it’s as important as ever to invest in what we want to exist. Alas, I’m back and re-learning how to ask for help and longevity; always in awe of new ways to develop trust and intention and belittle overly-bureaucratic structures.

I want my content to be as freeeeee as possible, which is a tricky goal in a money-driven world where there are fees for things like performance venues, compensation for other collaborators, classes, and my basic living expenses living in Queens, New York (the most long-term home I’ve had since high school).

Below is a lil list of all the projects I am investing most of myself into right now,

Written on the Body
Facilitating events and workshops based off of my Lambda Literary Nominated anthology full of letters that fellow trans and non-binary survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault wrote to their body parts. This is my third book full of letters that people have written to their body parts, and has brought us to universities, non-profits, and performance venues around the country to speak on trans inclusion in the #MeToo movement and all movements. The project has been featured Lambda Literary, Bust Magazine, Them, Logo’s NewNowNext, Bitch Magazine, DomesticShelters.org, Ms. Magazine, Teen Vogue, The Establishment, Huffington Post, Toi Magazine, Luna Luna Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, FTM Magazine, The Heart Podcast, The Story Corps in collaboration with The Library of Congress, and Autostraddle's list of best LGBTQIA+ books of 2018. Performances of the anthology also took place at Gibney Dance's annual "Cracks of Light" domestic violence showcase and a fundraiser collaboration with Black & Pink NYC

The Ship We Built
The Ship We Built
 with Dial Books for Young Readers at Penguin Random House comes out in May 2020! It touches on very personal themes of gender, queer love, childhood sexual abuse, incarceration, loneliness, faith, and growing up in the 90s with a failing economy in the Midwest. Pre-order link and full synopsis above!!

The very, very first draft of this was written in snow covered mini-van and is my first middle grade novel, secretly made for adults too. This version of the text became an animation, thanks to the brilliance of Rosalie Eck and Harry Rubin-Falcone, which premiered at the Locomoción Festival de Animación in Mexico City. In addition to finishing the novel with Dial, I am in the beginnings of turning the story into a feature length screenplay. 

Documentary Making, Full & Trans Boy Remember & More Soon
My short experimental documentaries based off of poem I wrote and read at “Narratives of Pain,” an event curated by Zain Ali Shamoon at the Detroit Institute of Arts, and my anthology writing. Full collages together original footage by Zachary Jamieson and home video, documenting dissociation, sexual assault, and all the times I didn't have words for myself. Trans Boy Remember is a vivid, short horror film documenting my fear as a rape survivor of what I can transition towards. Both films premiered at festivals in Szczecin, Poland. I am currently navigating other ways to share the projects and mend them into a larger piece. I am also in the very early stages of planning a new documentary, less experimental in form, but just as personal as ever dealing with themes of binaries, masculinities, suicide, and suppression. 

Also in the throes of writing a television series and editing a sizzle reel. It's confidential and changing as I change too. More on this soon <3 Lastly, I have started planting seeds for my next anthology and novel projects. 

OK AH so it’s all coming together and how wonderful is that?!? It’s the greatest gift to make things that remind others that their own stories are also important and worthy of holding space. Thank you for reading this far and for choosing one out of the infinite ways to directly the support my imagination & works-in-progress. Thank you for considering being a part of this experiment. I’m SO excited to discover what I can share / collaborate on / produce when I’m not lost in the side-hustles, and have an ongoing budget to add layers to all these things above. Plus, actually pay the heroes who have animated, edited, co-created alongside me.

Even if you lovingly share a dollar a month, you give me real fuel to pay it forward to my community. 


P.s. Cover image on this profile by Noah Grigni, who ALSO has a Patreon linked here
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THIS IS A MONTHLY METRO CARD!! vrrom vroooom hello nyc public transporation is quite expensive, and i live in freakin queens. this is also a major gift because much of my work is based on personal experiences of violence, and i would like to distance working from my home as much as possible. 
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