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I started modding for Stellaris, a game by Paradox Interactive, a few years ago after being lucky to find a talented texture artist who was willing to make textures for me. After what must have been close to a year of requesting texture after texture and adding them to the game with the required code and play-testing, I released my first mod on the Steam workshop: Star Trek New Worlds, it was a star trek inspired mod which added a number of planets to the game, both habitable and uninhabitable.

Since then, there have been several versions of my mod, one which had built-in compatibility with another well known mod called Real Space, and another that was part of a much larger team project called CGM Planets Enhanced. But as the game was updated and the previous mods were rendered obsolete, I chose to make yet another version, but this time with built-in compatibility with what was before a competing mod, called Planetary Diversity.

While Planetary Diversity adds a large number of diversified habitable worlds, my New Worlds module concentrates mostly on uninhabitables, plus a few marginally habitable types. But although adapting my mod to work as another mod's add-on module may seem simpler (it isn't), my plan after CGM was to get something done quickly that people might enjoy, while planning for something bigger afterwards.

That is what I'm working on now, still collaborating with Gatekeeper and keeping New Worlds synced with Planetary Diversity, but also building a new mod that will use both Planetary Diversity and New World's assets with different gameplay mechanics. If you're interested, keep checking here for new information.

Please note, Gatekeeper has his own Patreon page and he needs your support to keep adding new planet types. And I would appreciate it too, as my friend C. Adamek deserves some compensation for his awesome planetary textures (the header image is his except for the text) and I will need to ask him for more for my new project, and as an incentive to keep investing time in coding the new features.

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