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*Note: If you're looking for the bonus episodes of our podcast, head to the separate Patreon for "Beyond the Screenplay" (patreon.com/beyondthescreenplay)

You get to access occasional extra content for the videos, to know what film the next video will be examining, and a link to a Dropbox with each video’s script in PDF form.
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Join the LFTS team in a group video chat where we can all discuss movies we’ve recently seen, share our thoughts on the latest video—along with anything else! We’re looking forward to getting to know you better. Beyond the Screenplay patrons will also participate.

Held regularly on the first Saturday of the month.
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About Lessons from the Screenplay

Hi! I’m Michael. This is Lessons from the Screenplay.

Why Patreon?

Hi, Michael here! Back in the early days of this channel, I used to sit alone in my tiny apartment researching, writing, recording, editing and releasing each and every video all by myself. It was a lot of fun—but it was also not sustainable.

After a couple years, burnout became a real issue. So, I built a team!

There are now five of us—Tricia Aurand, Brian Bitner, Alex Calleros, Vince Major, and myself—who are all constantly working on LFTS. This has allowed us to produce more content (at any given time we’re writing and producing at least five different videos), create a podcast, and bring new ideas and perspectives to the table. We have a meticulously-mapped-out 10-week production schedule, and we’re pouring our all into each and every video.

But, all of that requires money. Google Ads aren’t particularly profitable, and even if they were, I would rather not try to make gimmicky viral videos just to pay the bills. And while many of our videos have sponsors, it’s the generosity of our Patrons—the people who directly support this channel—who make all of this possible.

We create our videos first and foremost for the patrons, and we want that to always be the case.

This is why we’ve designed our perks to be community-focused. We love getting to chat with our patrons about our favorite movies and the projects we’re all working on.

So check out the perks and come join the LFTS community—we’d love to have you :)

What if I also want to support Beyond the Screenplay? Are there redundant perks?

Both the LFTS and BTS Patreons are designed such that the lowest tier includes the content that is exclusive to patrons of that series. This means that if you want ALL the perks available, we suggest you combine a $10 tier subscription from one with a $2 tier from the other.

For example:
I want exclusive LFTS content, the film club video chat, AND exclusive podcast episodes.
  • The $10 LFTS tier includes the exclusive content and the film club chat
  • The $2 BTS tier includes the exclusive podcast episodes.
By combining these two, you have access to all the special things we offer.

Other Stuff!

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Once we hit $3,000 per video we'll do a video on one of the most-requested scripts—Pulp Fiction.
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