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  • Zip files of high-res PNGs
  • Both color and unpublished, unedited inks
  • Progress sequences for some pieces. Like very slow stream recordings.

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  • NSFW high-res PNGs of both color and linearts (uncensored, unedited, uncovered)
  • Some variants and related set pieces, where available
  • Progress sequences for some pieces. 
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Limited so I don't disappoint too many.

  • work files (PSD, etc)
  • Unpublished Extras. Imperfect versions; inked and completed but scrapped when a better idea came along / cosmetic blunder.
  • Previews, tests and prototypes. Stuff not ready to go bigtime yet.
  • Miscellaneous stuff



About LGLiang

Thank you for taking time to visit my Patreon.

I draw stuff with wildly varying themes, concepts and designs, so I have no single centralised theme to sell a pitch on. It's like a box of chocolates in here, you'll never know what you'll get but it'll at least be an amusing ride.

The mature stuff is Bertie's Every Flavor Jelly Beans. It can get a little weird in there as I'm more interested in the quirky and obscure. That's not to say there won't be the occassional mainstream trends.

Generally pretty active, if I don't fall sick or tech breaks. Best thing about being a traditional artist is the arting don't stop when tech's busted. Pencils and pens need to power to work. I'll just have a pretty sizeable stack to scan when I return.

I usually stream on the weekends when I can swing it, come on in and chill when I am. All Rewards should be out by the 5th every month. If I make quota early, out by month's end, otherwise I usually use those buffer days to add extra stuff.

I am also the creator of Zodihavoc. It's probably the closest thing I have to an IP / central theme.

Zodihavoc is an on-going design exercise / pet project that started as a fanciful look at Chinese Zodiac animals in a fighting game. So now I've got 12 characters, what can I do with them? Currently that involves worldbuilding and backstories.

Completed artworks are posted to the following galleries:

33% complete

At this goal, level I don't need to take commissions anymore and can dedicate fully to arting for y'all. About 8 pieces max, 2 per week.

Among the 8, they can be swapped around with:
- requests
- comics
- animated clips
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