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Thank you for actually donating to us, with this you'll get: 

+) Access to our Patreon-only feed

+) To vote for which series we should work on next

+) Included in our thank you list on our website 

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We are really grateful for your donation, and to show it we'll give you:  

+) Access to our proof-reading channel where you can read the translation scripts right after they're done (raw include...


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Really? Wow. Thank you, thank you so much, so how about: 

+) You get to choose a few series that you want us to do and we’ll open a poll to select which one 

+) Your vote counts as 3 vote...


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I’m speechless….um….at this point: 

+) You can choose a series and we’ll include it in a poll, we will release a new chapter of the series with the most votes 24 hours after the poll ends or aft...


Tier 5

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I’m literally crying tears of joy….

+) You like any of our series? How about you choose a series you like and we’ll give the finished version to you in 24 hours after the raw released, 2 days be...