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hi there!

i'm liam bechen, the proprietor (?) of the one-man folk-pop band liam and the bees is where you can find me elsewhere! i play the ukulele and the guitar, write my own jams, use found objects as percussion, and throw down the occasional tight harmony. i also make silly, serious, and sassy music videos, covering lots of songs, ranging from the lumineers to john denver to johnny cash to macklemore to hanson to cher to prince to ... you tell me!

i'm a social worker by day, but i've been deeply in love with music since i was young and after much upheaval in my life i'm working hard on pursuing music as full-time as i can around a full-time job (and a part-time job in addition) with the idea that i'd one day like to make music AS my one single full-time job. your support would help me so much toward moving toward that goal! i'd like to record a semi-professional EP (i.e., not on my macbook in my bedroom) sometime in the next 12 months and that takes a chunk of change, love, and time (even if it's to purchase some entry-level sound equipment to record myself, on my macbook, in my bedroom).

patreon is a website where you can basically become a patron of things artists create, sort of like an open-ended gofundme or kickstarter designed to support an artist's work overall and the work it takes to sustain a life funded by a creative self-directed career. in short: it's like sponsoring the cow (me, mooo!) instead of the buying the milk. or the (non-GMO) soybean field instead of the soymilk, for my non-dairy buds out there. i couldn't be more grateful that you're even taking the time to check out my page and you can donate any amount, from $1 up, per youtube video i release or original song i release. there are rewards! who doesn't like rewards!

there's no pressure, though. i know money can be reallyyyyy hard and shitty. also - i'll always, honestly, be making music videos and posting them on youtube simply because i love creating things and will always want to share them with others for free because that's how community is built. so only donate if you can of course!

i also have openly documented my transition between gender(s) and it's a focal point in my music, and i think there is just not enough space in this world for trans artists and musicians right now to tell our stories and exist as anything other than just two-dimensional pop-culture fixation on "transgenders" (ew, btw, to that word) where the sole focus of us is our transgenderness. not our art, not our work, not the bravery in putting ourselves out there as artists and creators. and i want to say "HEY, WORLD - whether you want to give me that space or not, i'm GOING to take up space." that's why i'm here, asking for support, primarily -- to join a revolution of claiming space for all of us who are different, the outlaws, the ones who don't fit anywhere but with each other, surrounded by love and finding belonging with each other.

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