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Believe it or not, but a single dollar goes a long way. Imagine if 10000 people gave a dollar? That would be a lot of dollars floating around like in those cash grab machines. Those things are cool. Oh... Where was I. Ah yes. You'll get.

Access to the Erven Army Discord server.

Vote in polls. Who doesn't love polls?

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If this was an arcade, you'd get ten games of Galaga. It would also be a lot noisier in here, and there would be people running around everywhere, and the machines would break, and I'd have to fix them, and... 

Here's what you get for your quarters. Galaga not included.
The rewards from the first tier.
Your name in every video. For recorded videos your name will be in the description, and for live streams I read the patrons list usually twice per stream.
Your name on the Great Wall of Patreon.

Includes Discord benefits

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I was going to make a reference to that song, but I've actually never heard it. But I do want to thank you so so so much for giving me $5 a month
So to say thanks I will give you the following.
The rewards from the first and second tiers.
Your name will be mentioned first in streams as well as towards the top of the Great Wall of patreon.
Every few months I'll record personalized thank you messages.
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About Liam Erven

HI Peeps.

I want to welcome you to my Patreon page. Why is this thing here, and what the heck am I doing anyways? Let me first tell you a little about myself.

My name is Liam Erven, and I'm a totally blind gamer, accessibility advocate, game designer, and adventurer.

I primarily have used Patreon to support my YouTube channel, but I've wanted to branch out to cover other projects I've been working on.

I currently an unemployed and use project like my YouTube channel and audio games I created to supplement my income. My goal is to become financially stable to a point where Patreon can be a distant memory.

Failing that, I hope that Patreon could be sustainable enough for me to create content full time for the community.

If you enjoy my videos or my games, please consider pledging. I have made tiers easily affordable, and I have some great things planned.

I've been asked where Patreon funds go. One thing I want to attempt to be is be more transparent as to where money is going.

I try to split the money between going back in to the YouTube channel and audio games, and the other half to pay bills and keep a roof over my head.

When times have been tough, more Patreon funds than I have liked have gone to pay the bills. I have been making a major attempt to set aside as much as possible to put back in to these projects I do.

I invite anyone who has any questions or concerns to contact me privately.

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