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About Lia Scott Price

Welcome to my Vampire Guardian Angels Series, featuring Ten Digital Comic Book Issues, a Graphic Novel, Animation, and a Vampire Trilogy Novel. The works are public but you must be 18+ to subscribe to see  or read the NSFW posts and access step-by-step Drawing Tips. Sales tax may apply to some subscriptions.

My works are NSFW. Bloody. Brutal. Chilling. Unholy. Creepy, Gory. Disturbing. Borderline Sacrilegious and Blasphemous. Freaky. Metal. And a fun read!


Graphic Novel (Digital):
Start with the Graphic Novel, which explores the origin of the Vampire Guardian Angels and leads up to the first issue.

Vampire Guardian Angels: Body and Blood, The Beginning (Prequel)
(Artist/Writer: Lia Scott Price)

Comic Books: (Digital and Paperback)
Issues 1-6, where Guardian Angels become Serial Killers and Vampires.

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 1: The Guardian
(Artists: Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree. Writer: Lia Scott Price)

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 2: Revenant
(Artists: Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree. Writer: Lia Scott Price)

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 3: Dominion
(Artists: Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree. Writer: Lia Scott Price)

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 4: Resurrection: Afterlife
(Artists: Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree. Writer: Lia Scott Price)

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 5: Rule of Blood
(Artists: Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree. Writer: Lia Scott Price)

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 6: Immortal's Reliquary
(Artists: Andrew Huerta and Lia Scott Price. Writer: Lia Scott Price)

If you want paperback issues of the comic books: amazon/PDF/kindle versions are only available for Issues 1-6.

Digital Comic Books: (Online only)
Issues 7-10, where Vampire Guardian Angels go to war.
Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 7: Apocalypse
Artists: Andrew Huerta (cover) and Lia Scott Price. Writer: Lia Scott Price

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 8: Origins
(Artist/Writer: Lia Scott Price)

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 9: Evolution
(Artist/Writer: Lia Scott Price)

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 10: Redemption
(Artist/Writer: Lia Scott Price)

The animated version: 

Vampire Guardian Angels Animation Series
(Artist/Producer: Lia Scott Price)


I’m a comic book author and artist with a published independent vampire horror-action comic book series, graphic novel and animation series. I am the creator and writer of Vampire Guardian Angels (amazon, kindle, DriveThruComics). Guardian angels were bitten by vampires, and when you pray for help, they answer and eat you instead of save you. They are now serial killers and vampires who answer your prayers of despair. Don't pray, you become prey. I bring a fresh, disturbing twist and an original story to the vampire genre by turning Guardian Angels into a new breed of vampire (a hybrid of a serial killer, guardian angel, and vampire). My comic book and animation series features a unique, bloody and gory vampire that's entirely different and new. I also appear in the comic book series as an "author" character who "discovers" the existence of Vampire Guardian Angels and supernaturally, "brings them to life", and becomes a vampire fighter and "Queen of the Vampire Guardian Angels".

In the past, I've exhibited at the former Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con (Formerly Comikaze). Now, I've moved my "booth" online.



Where I learned to draw:
I was taught drawing and inking by freelance artists who have also worked with DC, Boom!, Dynamite Entertainment, and IDW. My drawing instructor was Andrew Huerta (Batman Beyond #1Homies), and my Inking Instructor was Jim Higgins, formerly of DC Comics and Meltdown University, (held at the former Meltdown Comics which used to carry my comic books).

My Art Style:
I have a gritty style. My art is done in black, white and red (with some background color for the animation). For the animation, the characters are drawn without eyes to symbolize "blind faith". 

How I Publish:
For my paperback copies, I convert my comics to PDF and publish through online print-on-demand. For digital formats, I upload and publish each page digitally on Patreon. For my animation, I hand-draw each character frame-by frame. Animation and backgrounds are created with photoshop and video editing software. I also compose the music scores. My  animation style is stop-motion, frame-by-frame, micro-episodes (about 1 minute), which are summaries of each of the comic books and graphic novel.

About the Comic Book Series, Graphic Novel, and Animation:
Enter a disturbing world where Guardian Angels were bitten by vampires and become a unique new breed and hybrid combination of vicious, brutal, merciless vampire, and evil, power-hungry angel who rebel against their traditional roles of being forced to protect humans and "enslavement" by the Church through the Spanish Inquisition. Gaining free will by becoming a vampire, they also become serial killers who hunt down humans who pray to them for help, but since they are still Guardian Angels, they can only respond to prayers of despair which act as beacons to their victims. They not only drink blood, but they have zombie-like appetites and eat victims whole instead of save them. They can only be killed by "good angels", of which there are very few left. Their existence is discovered hidden in secret scriptures by an author with a royal heritage who desperately warns humans not to pray to them. But she finds out through prophetic dreams that the angels have also been searching for her, because she has the power to regenerate and heal them if they are injured, and is considered their "creator" and "queen" because of this power. But she also has the power to destroy them. Ruled by a prophesied king, the Vampire Guardian Angels form armies and alliances to take over Earth. The author, any remaining "good" angels, and both humans and "earth" vampires must all try to work together to stop them. 
The series was adapted from my 3-part novel into a comic book series.

The Concept:
The series is a mix of psychological action-thriller and horror-slasher. When you pray to guardian angels for help, do you know what they are? What if they were tired of protecting you and prefer to put you out of your misery instead of helping you? Why do humans always rely on a higher power to save them and never question who or what it is they are summoning? You may just be summoning something that hates you and who has turned completely disillusioned, rebellious, psychotic, and homicidal. What if Guardian Angels did things they aren't supposed to do? (And become vampires who are waiting to feed on you.)

Why I'm on Patreon:

For Issues 1-6, I hired artists to work on the series. Now, I'm drawing and inking my own series and publishing Issues 7-10 and the graphic novel digitally. I'm finally drawing my own series and producing the animated version of the comic book series. And I've decided to publish my comic books, novels, and animation online.

What you get:

I'm bringing scary vampires back in patron-only access to new and future issues which include exclusive, patron-only NSFW digital art that won't be published in any print issues (18+ only), are not public, and that are available by subscription only. And you get to read a new and original vampire story!

Vampire Guardian Angels is a copyright and trademark of Lia Scott Price. 

All characters and locations, other than historical and in the public domain and those whose image and likeness was used with permission, are fictitious. Any similarity to any actual events, places, or people, living, dead, undead, mortal, immortal, supernatural, or otherwise, is purely and, like, totally coincidental. There are scenes and themes of a sensitive topic and nature but are fictional and also not meant to be sacrilegious. After all, Horror is based on the "What-If."

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 476 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 476 exclusive posts

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