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About Lia Scott Price


I’m a comic book author and artist with a published vampire horror-action comic book series and graphic novel.  I am the creator of Vampire Guardian Angels (amazon, kindle, DriveThruComics). I'm also a vampire character in the comic books. I play a vampire author, fighter, and queen. In the past, I've exhibited at the former Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con (Formerly Comikaze). Now, I've moved my "booth" online. My Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series features guardian angels who were bitten by vampires, and when you pray for help, they answer and eat you instead of save you. They are now serial killers and vampires who answer your prayers of despair. Don't pray, you become prey.


Issues 1-6: Guardian Angels become Serial Killers, Vampires, and Conquerors. (Magazine-Size Paperback on amazon, PDF downloads on DriveThruComics and digital downloads on amazon kindle. Artists: Andrew Setter/Chad Hammontree/Andrew Huerta/Lia Scott Price)
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Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 1: The Guardian
Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 2: Revenant

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 3: Dominion

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 4: Resurrection: Afterlife

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 5: Rule of Blood

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 6: Immortal's Reliquary


Issues 7-10: Vampire Guardian Angels go to war. (The series continues in webcomic format/digital art only by monthly subscription. Artists: Lia Scott Price. Cover Art of Issue 7: Andrew Huerta)
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Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 7: Apocalypse

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 8: Origins

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 9: Evolution

Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 10: Redemption

Graphic Novel:

Vampire Guardian Angels: Body and Blood, The Beginning (Prequel)


Where I learned to draw:
I was taught drawing and inking by freelance artists who have also worked with DC, Boom!, Dynamite Entertainment, and IDW. My drawing instructor was Andrew Huerta (Batman Beyond #1Homies), and my Inking Instructor was Jim Higgins, formerly of DC Comics and Meltdown University, (held at the former Meltdown Comics which used to carry my comic books), now with the Jim Higgins College of Comics
My Art Style:
I have a gritty style. My art is done in black, white and red. 
About the Comic Book Series:
Vampire Guardian Angels is an independent and original vampire horror-action comic book series. Guardian Angels were bitten by vampires and become a unique new breed and hybrid combination of vicious, brutal, merciless vampire and evil, rebellious, power-hungry angel. They have also become serial killers who hunt down humans who pray to them for help, but they can only target prayers of despair. (You're safe if you don't believe in them and don't pray to them). They not only drink blood, but they have zombie-like appetites and eat victims whole instead of save them. They form armies to take over Earth. An author character finds out about their existence, accidentally summons them, and now desperately warns humans not to pray to these angels. She discovers she not only has the power to regenerate and heal them, but the power to destroy them. She and only one "good" angel are left to fight them, and both humans and "earth" vampires must also try to work together to stop them. 
Vampire Guardian Angels: The Full Story
What's the Comic Book like?:
It's bloody and NSFW, with Sin City and Castlevania influences.
Why I'm on Patreon:
For the first 1-6 hard copy issues, I've hired artists to work on the series. Now I've taken over all drawing, inking, and artwork. This webcomic (Issues 7-10 and future issues) is the continuation of the series in digital format (over 50 pages!)  I'm finally drawing my own series and I hope you will support me as a comic book artist!
What you get:
I'm bringing scary vampires back in patron-only access to new and future issues which include exclusive, patron-only NSFW digital art that won't be published in any print issues (18+ only). So if you are looking for a new, edgy, brutal, bloody, twisted, warped, refreshing and disturbing vampire story (with no sparkles!), you can subscribe now!

Main Character List
Vampire Guardian Angels Q & A

The series was adapted from this 3-part novel into a comic book series. 
I've also adapted the stories into films.

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by Lia Scott Price
2003 - Dominion: Feature Film; Producer, Actor, Writer
2005 - The Guardian: Feature Film; Producer, Actor, Director, Cinematographer
2011 - The Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angel Diaries; Producer, Director, Cinematographer
2011 - Scenes From a Novel Film Shorts: Producer, Director, Cinematographer
2012 - Pra/ey: Film Short; Producer, Writer, Actor
2009 - The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion: Vampire Trilogy Novel; Author, Publisher
Comic Books:
2012 - 2019: Vampire Guardian Angels: Comic Book Series: Writer, Publisher, Artist, Character in comic book series
2019 - Ongoing: Vampire Guardian Angels Graphic Novel

Vampire Guardian Angels is a copyright and trademark of Lia Scott Price.

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