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About LibAgar

Agar (or libAgar) is a cross-platform GUI toolkit. Agar provides a base framework and a set of widgets from which graphical applications can be built which run natively under X11, Windows, MacOS X, SDL and others. Agar takes advantage of texture and GPU acceleration wherever available. Agar can also attach to an existing framebuffer, SDL or OpenGL context and operate as a self-contained window-manager.

Agar includes a standard library of general-purpose widgets, and is also designed to be extended externally. New Agar widgets can be implemented as part of an application or of an external library. Complex user interface elements can be realized often in few lines of code. The class registration interface simplifies the process. Examples of external packages which include Agar widgets for specific fields include ag_math, ag_sg, ag_sk, ag_vg and Edacious,

Agar is also extensible at the low-level. The low-level API is documented such that modular drivers can be written which enable Agar applications to work seamlessly under many platforms graphics systems without any changes at the application code level. The Agar API is thread-safe unless documented otherwise.

How do I install it?

Download the Latest Stable Sources.
See the Agar Installation Guides for different platforms.

Developers can access the Latest Development Sources (SVN), or JulNadeauCA/libagar on GitHub.


BSD 2-clause license

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