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About Claudia Friedlander

Anyone Can Sing
I’m a voice teacher with more than 20 years’ experience helping all kinds of singers master vocal technique. I believe that with commitment, excellent instruction, a well-structured practice regimen and a sense of humor, anyone can master singing technique.

Excellent vocal instruction can be expensive, as well as hard to come by! That was a big part of my motivation for writing my two books, starting my YouTube channel and creating online instructional courses. I feel that even when singers can access great weekly one-on-one lessons, their progress can be significantly accelerated when they have access to resources to support and supplement their lessons. I am creating this Patreon in order to make singing instruction more accessible, more logical and more affordable.

YouTube Channel
I post instructional videos to my YouTube channel twice a month, and your patronage will support their ongoing creation. I'll thank my patrons who contribute $5+ in my YouTube video credits. Those who contribute $15+ per month will enjoy early access to new videos. Contribute at the $35 level, and I'll produce a video addressing a topic of your choice.

Vocal Fundamentals Online Course
My first major goal for this Patreon will be the completion and launch of my new Vocal Fundamentals course. The course is a series of 24 professionally produced videos that provides a comprehensive method for learning to sing and expanding current vocal skills, along with supplemental PDF, audio and video downloads. I have designed it to serve as both an introduction for serious beginners and a supplement voice lessons for more experienced singers. The videos have been completed, and I am now in the process of creating the supplementary material and building the website that will host it. All Patrons will receive a discount on the course once it launches. Those who contribute $15+ will get access to a new featured video lesson each week and will be invited to meet with me online for a one-on-one session based content from the current featured video in return for permission to post video of our work to this page and/or use it in the course itself.
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When this community reaches 200 I'll hold a livestream to welcome everyone and hold a celebratory AMA!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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