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is creating a comprehensive compendium of pro-liberty resources.
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About Malcolm Reynolds

Do you believe liberty is essential as the moral foundation for universal peace and prosperity?

Do you believe that open and honest discourse about political and economic philosophy is inherent to the best ideas frothing up to the forefront of our cultural dialogue?

If so, your views align with the mission of To increase liberty by helping those who believe in it sow its seeds and cultivate its growth!

Why is desperately needed now in the battle for keeping liberty alive?

I am a longtime libertarian who presently thrives on the myriad of resources available to liberty’s newcomers and veterans across the internet. There are great niche sites on subjects like economy and foreign policy. There are impactful, super-informative pod-casts and YouTube channels. There are fantastic news and editorial sites. There are a many important activist projects and political efforts all over. There are countless pro-liberty businesses, products and services.

Yet, while most of these resources make efforts to link to and promote others who are pro-liberty, it’s often in topic-specific silos and then limited to a few links on a sidebar or semi-organized on a post-by-post (or episode) basis. Of course, that’s only natural since their purpose – most crucial for all of us – is creating super-valuable content. Hence, we’re left with a void of no comprehensive resource or directory that logically links together this massive wealth of information for easy, topic-specific reference and user access. We are left to use search engines built into Google or Yahoo for content.

Adding urgency to this problem is the growing counter-movement against the free-dissemination of counter-establishment information under the guise of ending “fake news”, while a movement against free expression and reason seems to be gaining hold among leftist within universities and through political activism. This used to be a problem when mainstream media was confined to a handful of TV Stations and Newspapers, resulting in a blackout of news on subjects deemed unfit for the masses. The internet revolution turned the tables on that, but it didn't get serious until the establishment elite and Deep State lost control of the election process in 2016 when outsider Donald Trump beat the self-anointed at their own game with the help of a largely free and independent internet. The powers that be took notice! Resources like Google and YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, are becoming increasingly subject to increasingly politicized search algorithms and outright editorship at the expense of honest information-discovery.

Liberty was already dismissed by the mainstream out of ignorance, but also primarily because it is a direct threat to their power.  They've made it the butt of jokes when not outright badmouthed. Now, more than ever, we need a safe and honest resource for connecting to open discussions on liberty vs. authoritarianism, and all shades in between.

We intend to fill the void and fight for liberty in several ways:

  • By promoting and providing useful links all varieties of pro-liberty and liberty-friendly resources.
  • By promoting the use of such information so that the philosophy of liberty triumphs in its battle with authoritarianism.
  • By being an up-to-date, relevant resource on critical issues, news events and pop-culture, for discussions with friends, family and foes!
  • By promoting and help connect users with pro-liberty activism
  • By promoting and helping folks support pro-liberty businesses, products, services and charity
Please help as much as you can!  Thanks!

My Plan

  • Build out active post and subject specific page content as rapidly as possible so the site becomes a worthwhile, frequent destination referential resource.
  • Establish and build out affiliate marketing arrangements so that visitors can support the site via the Liberty Marketplace shop and other product links in posts and pages.
  • Provide more original content.
  • Start the Liberty Farmer podcast to introduce folks to pro-liberty resources of all varieties.
  • In the fashion of Rothbard’s Caruso and his apples, I currently spend spare time outside of work and family building the site and adding active content.My intent is to set aside all revenue garnered from the site as savings until my projections permit me to rely on those savings as a bridge to engage a full-time transition to become Liberty Farmer.


Malcolm Reynolds .This is an unfortunate demand of my career at this point.My employer and industry are very sensitive to people in my role as a consultant to having a public persona that provides views and opinions that they do not endorse or may raise regulatory ire when treading on heavily-regulated subject matter such as opinions on investing.

Hopefully the countless hours, weeks and months of effort that are reflected in are testament enough to my integrity on this project, and give confidence that the product to date is of value and that I’m a worthwhile investment to advance the project.

“Half of writing history is hiding the truth.” ~ Malcolm Reynolds, Serenity

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