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About Library of the Damned


Welcome to Library of the Damned. Prepare to lose your soul... just kidding... maybe. 

Okay, more seriously now, we're the makers of the Great Lakes Horror Company, a horror and speculative fiction themed podcast with a focus on writers and the written word, founded by members of the Ontario Chapter of the Horror Writers Association in early 2016 and now produced by (that's us!). Our monthly talk show features an exciting array of guests from the horror writing world, rotating hosts, round-table discussions, reviews, writing tips and more. You can listen to the Great Lakes Horror Company on iTunesGoogle Music and Stitcher

Why we're here on Patreon. 
We want to improve the quality of our show and grow!

Your donation will help us pay for audio/podcasting software and services that will allow us to improve the quality of our round-table discussions and one-on-one long-distance interviews on the Great Lakes Horror Company. It will also assist podcast producer Library of the Damned in the launch of two brand new podcasts later this year.

in the new year, the Library will be introducing Behind the Bookshelves, a weekly series featuring intimate discussions with authors, poets, screenwriters, musicians, academics and journalists about writing and the writing life, hosted by GLHC's Monica S. Kuebler. These are the stories you don't see the pages of magazines. 

Of course, we're not just podcasts. We're also the collective behind the Group Hex series of anthologies and (which is growing right along side us).

To all our current listeners of the show...

Firstly, thank you. Without you, there would be no us. Or rather, we'd still be here, but the Great Lakes Horror Company wouldn't. We'd just be screaming out into the void.

To those considering making a pledge (or who already are Patrons)... 

We love you. You make us. Thank you. There are even more words to express our gratitude but none are quite enough. So just thank you


$0 of $150 per month
Our podcast is funded! When we reach $150 per month, our base operational costs for Library of the Damned's three shows (GLHC, Behind the Bookshelves and Sunday Night Spookshow) will be covered. 

Upon achieving this goal, we'll do a special video episode of the Great Lakes Horror Company.
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