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About Life By Own Design

Hi family! ❤️
Thank you for visiting our Patreon page here, this is exciting! We get to share a little of our journey with you. 

So.. a unique story.
We are a family who care about living a connected family life together and who chooses to live an off-grid, grow-your-own, build-your-own kind of lifestyle.

After traveling around Europe in our van, we were miraculously gifted a beautiful piece of land to build a little heart of paradise on!

Now we are the guardians and custodians of a sacred place on this beautiful earth and we wish to play our part in helping it to thrive. 

The grand vision is to create a sustainable home here and begin to build a sanctuary where people can come to heal, realign, feel love and practice being connected to nature.

First we have to establish the basics and we're starting by getting really creative with lots of interesting projects. 

We're bringing them to life and we're documenting the whole process.

The journey is the gift.

Throughout this exciting and challenging experience together... We are gifting our daughters a unique and splendid education. 

We learn with them as we discover together how to building our own home and piece of paradise.

We are learning to grow our own food, be resourceful, creative, positively motivated and above all, how to communicate with love and practice being heart-centered, being of service to others, supportive and kind.

How to thrive without just surviving. 

With the loving support of an amazing community of like-minded families just on our doorstep, we're bringing great ideas together to make something truly special here.

A place in the heart of the wild.

A healing refuge for each other and new comers to regenerate, be connected to nature and practice wholesome, heart-centered and healthy ways of living.

These are incredible times we as humanity are experiencing.

We know that these times of great change are not always easy or comfortable for many and we hope that through shining a light on this kind of way of living, that we can inspire how to cooperate and communicate with love and respect.

We hope to show that it is possible to choose from a broader perspective of ways to live in this new world.

Ways that encourage harmony of other's perspectives and beliefs, community support and guidance.

To be lead by love and be a part of positive change in the world. 

Our journey has been such a learning and unlearning experience, guided by the universal laws of sending out and receiving love. Envisioning the vision and letting go of the chasing.

How Grateful we are for every challenge and gift.

We've been watching the seasons change, enduring and embracing the elements. Nurturing the projects that are slowly moving us forward, step by step. It's been a roller coaster of the physical, emotional and spiritual. Wow, what a ride! 

We are filled with gratitude for our journey. Memories of the uncertainty of how it would happen and the learning of letting go of attachment to the how and leaning into trusting in the vision of the bigger picture of what we wish to bring into this world.

We've learned to focus on a cup half full, filling up and overflowing.

Embracing an openness for what comes and taking responsibility for what we create, our beliefs, habits and patterns and seeing the beauty in every day.

So with all of this we warmly invite you our friend to come along for the journey and discover with us how this magnificent experiment unfolds.

With Love
Beata & Sebastian & Atiya & Caira ❤️
Life By Own Design
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 64 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 64 exclusive posts

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