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Hello and welcome.

My name is Sam Jones and I am a life coach and the founder of the Coaching Institute. For the last ten years I have been helping people change and transform their life in many ways. From health, relationships, finances, career, and more, I have been working with over 500 clients from all over the world. During this time, I have discovered many patterns on what causes people to get stuck and very often I notice that it is the same thing with many of my clients. Because of this, I have decided to put together some free courses that people can use. The courses will cover topics such as:

• How to change your life
• How to find your passion
• How to find your life purpose
• How to find your dream job
• How to find true love
• How to manage your money more effectively
• How to lose weight
• How to get in shape
• How to develop good habits
• How to become self disciplined

And much more.

All of these courses will be made available to the public and my goal is to build up my Patreon support so that I can:

A. Continue to produce more content
B. Answer questions and provide hands on support when needed

While I will do my very best to give as much information as I can through my content, I won't be able to answer everyone's specific question in them. By becoming a regular supporter, not only will you be able to interact with me, but you will also support those who may not be able to afford to get the help they need.

So if you are someone who has been looking to get some help and guidance from a life coach and mentor and need someone who can provide you ad free and sales free content, then please support me. Every dollar makes a big difference and allows me more time to offer my community help.

Also please note that I will be offering online coaching at a nominal fee to those who need it.

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