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You get a subscription to the print Life Harvester newsletter. Including what Patreon takes and printing/shipping costs, I basically break even. I think I come out 10 cents ahead? This tier is only available for US shipping addresses.

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You get a subscription to Life Harvester. At this price I make about $1 per newsletter, which is nice for me, and good for you if you can afford it. For Canadians, this is the tier where I just about break even.

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Subscription to Life Harvester. At this tier I make about $2 per issue, which has helped me pay to send free copies to stores, free subscriptions to prisoners, and pay my illustrators. I really appreciate you guys and to show it I will bathe your newsletters with vetiver mist from my oil diffuser so they smell nice. Don't believe me? Here's my proof: I'm a lesbian.




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First things first: check out this movie I made about my girlfriend's dog. It has nothing to do with this Patreon, but I love Gus and you will too. Life Harvester is a monthly print newsletter featuring reviews of art, literature, music, memories, concepts, perceptions, experiences. It is available for free in a number of stores around the country and I encourage you to pick it up from those places! It's also free over email! But if your heart is set on getting this thing in the mail every month, this is for you. There's other stuff you can get too. Check out the tiers. Okay, thanks for reading, bye!


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