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About Life In Michigan is a photo blog with words sprinkled on top. Some days the focus is travel. On many days it is music. On most days it is beer. And if we are feeling nostalgic, we may share some history. Regardless of our mood, our focus always remains the same: Promoting Michigan One Story at a Time! 

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Life In Michigan has its own personality and quirks. It is fueled by friends and followers who share our content and provide opportunities to cover events.

Since our site launched in 2012, we have published hundreds of posts and thousands of photographs. Take a peek:

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I said to Chuck, “It is time to make better, stronger, faster. Like the Six Million Dollar Man!" To which he replied, “No, honey; we don’t have the funds to build the Bionic Blog.” I was shocked. Even Larry the dog was shocked. 

You see, when LifeInMichigan was new and shiny, we vowed never to clutter it with paid advertising. We’d danced in the living room and chanted, "No pop-ups!" That vow is turning our labor of love into Audrey II. 

Please consider helping us, "Promote Michigan One Story at a Time" and build a bionic blog. How will your money be used? Very good question. When we hit $1,000 a month, we will have the necessary funding to do the following: 

  • Improve our visitor's experience. We'd like to move our content to a dedicated server and pay our talented web designer more. Currently we pay her with kindness and small checks. 
  • Grow our Family. We love our family of readers and want to expand our reach to as many friends as possible. This is good for us and for Michigan!

Thank you for your consideration in making a pledge to support Life In Michigan.  

Chuck and Brenda
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