Rachel Wilkinson

is creating Lifemancy, a podcast about life, divination, and magick

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Toss some spirituality, self-help, history, and science into a shaker, shake vigorously, pour into your fanciest cocktail glass, and there you have the recipe for Lifemancy.

I'm Rachel Wilkinson, creator of  Lifemancy a podcast that hopes to inspire you to take action, have fun, and do magick. If you love learning, helping others, and improving your life, this is the place for you. 

Ok, but really. What is Lifemancy?

Mancy is the Greek word for Divination. So, I made up a word to capture my intention: Life-Divining. Basically, using the tools of witchcraft and the occult to discover new things, pursue our dreams, and, in general, create the best life for ourselves and those we love.

I spent most of my life in a tiny cornfield town in Illinois where I had to do almost all of my "craft education" on my own. There was no local coven. There were no local witchy teachers. And, while it was a great community to grow up in, it was farm country and not always the most mystically inclined. 

After a rather unpleasant couple of years, I knew my hometown was no longer home to me. So, I sold everything I owned, packed up my car, and drove to Boston. I found a place a few miles south of Salem where I lived for the next few years. I loved New England, but an aspiring writer's income makes life there very, very hard. Which means when some friends asked if I had ever considered Houston, I perked up... especially because it was December and the snow in New England... It's a thing.

I visited Houston for a week's vacation and by the end of it, I had an apartment. Two weeks later, I sold everything (again) to move across the country. I've been in Houston ever since, which has been a few years now. Each one of these transitions has been incredibly rough. It's hard to feel like you belong when you're new, maybe a little weird, and for all intents and purposes from an entirely different culture. They call it "country mouse" and "city mouse" for a reason.

I've had struggles and disappointments. I've grieved lives I thought I would live and wasn't able. But, I like to think the life experiences I've cobbled together have made me the generous, unique, and pleasantly neurotic person I am today! For better or worse, I tend to rush in where angels fear to tread, which works out in your favor.

I'll be the guinea pig so I can inspire you and others to be brave, try new things, break out of the routine, get a little weird, and embrace your beliefs. I want to help connect people and create mystical spaces I never had when I was growing up. I want to open doors for other people and capture their stories because we're all here living these particular lives for a reason. We each have a lot to give, teach, and learn.

Why Patreon?

Because the world does not exist on well-wishes and good intentions alone, we also have to pay our bills.

I'm a freelance fiction writer. I ghostwrite as well as write for table-top role-playing games, live-action roleplaying, and immersive experiences. Oh yeah, I'm the nerdiest of the nerds. I dress up on the weekends and pretend to be all sorts of things. In fact, I've started to share some of my costume photos on the Lifemancy Instagram @lifemancymagick .

But, as you can guess, a writer's wage doesn't go far. Your contributions are vital to covering the creative costs of Lifemancy's mission: For anyone who might be struggling, who might be searching for a community, or who might just be curious about witchy topics, I am here to say, "Everything will be ok. You will get to the other side of your struggles. There are people like you out here. And come on, who hasn't wanted their palm read?"

I invite you to be part of this. Come on some adventures with me, and let's help some other people while we're at it. Not only does your support mean I can keep making free stuff for others who may not be able to afford it, but we can also help teach others about history, science, and how to go after what they want in life. 

What if I can't afford to support you?

You would not be the first person trying every day to manifest some abundance! It's totally ok. I'm just glad you're here. Listen to the podcast or follow me on Facebook (@lifemancy) or Instagram (@lifemancymagick) which will always be free. Share the show and this page with your friends so they can get in on this because that helps, too!
THANK YOU for visiting this page and being a part of Lifemancy! Who knows what the future will hold? Well... I'm sure some psychics do.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 40 exclusive posts
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