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Lord/Lady of Introspection

$1 /mo
Thank you so much for helping me out! Your support is greatly appreciated! As a token of my appreciation I invite you fine Lords and Ladies to join me in my court (court in this instance shall be...

Baron/Baroness Of Introspection

$3 /mo
As a Baron or Baroness of Introspection, not only do you to get to join my general court, you are cordially invited to the parties I host (parties in this instance shall be known as the special Pat...

Viscount/Viscountess of Introspection

$5 /mo
You want more content from me my dear Viscount and Viscountess of Introspection? Being in my Court AND being invited to all my parties is not enough? Then more you shall get! Every fortnight ...

Earl/Countess of Introspection

$10 /mo
My dear Earls and Countesses of Introspection, I would like to extend to you a token of my great appreciation for you and what you do. I would like to bestow usage of one of my pages to you s...

Marquis/Marquise of Introspection

$15 /mo
Most Honourable Marquis and Marquise of Introspection, you do me a great honor with your dedication and I hope to repay you in greater measure. I will continue to invite you to court and my p...

Duke/Duchess of Introspection

$25 /mo
Most High, Noble and Potent Prince His and Her Graces, Duke and Duchess of Introspection. I can little express to you my gratitude. Please accept my invitation to a private audience with me....

Prince/Princess of Introspection

$50 /mo
Your Royal Highness Prince and Princess of Introspection. As you have bestowed much up me, so I wish to bestow upon you. I will provide opportunities for me to discuss in both the written word as...