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Support Life on the Swingset, and we will give you a monthly shout-out on Twitter or Facebook, as well as having the LOTSS Twitter and our hosts' Twitter accounts follow you back. We will also give you access to a private, Patron-only chat room that we have created just for you, you will have access to the Patreon-only feed here as well.
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You will get the same Twitter/Facebook/Podcast/Chat love as the first tier. You will also have access to our live recordings! We will notify you when we'll be recording, and send you links to the private chat room where you can listen live and interact with us! 
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This level includes shout-outs, access to the Patron-only Chat and Live Podcast, AND one of our new, stylish, Swingsetter lapel pins in your choice of 'boy' or 'girl'. There is NO OTHER WAY to get a lapel pin other that supporting LOTSS via Patreon. 
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At this tier, you get everything listed so far, including an additional Swingsetter lapel pin of your choice in either the 'boy' or 'girl' design, so this is a great tier for couples who want to support us together, but don't want to share the swag. You will also have access to a Super Secret Swingset Clubhouse chat room, with access only for Patrons at this level, as well as the podcasts hosts, guests, and revolving crew, as well as announcements for discounts and first dibs on any new LOTSS merchandise, plus a 30 minute monthly one-on-one text chat with Dylan or Cooper, subject to scheduling and availability, about which we will do our absolute best.