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is creating extended lifespans through mind uploading

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About Lifetimes Infinity

We want to give the community intimate access to Lifetimes Infinity as we take on mind uploading and indefinite life. Supporting us on Patreon affords us more time and resource to pursue these goals and interact with the community. We've always been astounded by the amount of passion in the mind uploading community. We want you all to be involved in our progress so you can be as excited as we are on this journey to mind uploading.

Lifetimes Infinity was founded in 2013 with the goal of extending life's reach into the universe (in both space and time). Our first major goal is to extend human lifespans by transferring the mind from biological brains to digital brains (the process of mind uploading). Lifetimes Infinity’s role in the pursuit of mind uploading is to identify strategies for mind uploading, develop our own technologies, and bringing together outside technologies to make direct progress on the roadmap we have laid out:

Over the period from 2013 – 2020, we spent time carefully crafting our strategy for approaching mind uploading. As of late 2020, our plans have solidified enough to fully commit to developing our first projects. We are asking for your support so we can spend more time working on these projects:
  • Book: Mind Uploading — The details of Lifetimes Infinity's plans for tackling mind uploading. It's taken seven years, but we are now in a position to fully detail out the technology and knowledge we require to get from present day to mind uploading.
  • Software: NeuraNex — An application for constructing large-scale simulated neural networks. At this point, we don’t know exactly what the end product will look like, but the Lifetimes Infinity team needs a software tool in order to build the subsequent software products on our roadmap.
  • Book: The Indefinite Life Handbook — A general guide for pursuing indefinite life. This book will remain free indefinitely, as it embodies the principles Lifetimes Infinity was founded upon. We feel these principles need to be accessible to anyone and everyone. The in-development version of the Handbook is available here:

Lifetimes Infinity's long-term goal is to be fully self-funded through selling our own products (products that bring humanity closer to mind uploading). Until then, support from the transhumanism community helps in a huge way to drive us forward. Your contributions make an immense difference!

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