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Life TK is a new audio project about women, writing, and working in your twenties from those who have been there before, hosted by Amanda Woytus.

Each episode is an interview with one of my favorite writers, editors, or journalists in her thirties and beyond, about the jobs she held between her first gig and most recent. (“TK” is an editing mark that means some information is “to come.”)

I created this project after realizing that bios of my favorite women writers touched on their first jobs, glossed over the next ten, fifteen, or twenty years, and then jumped to their most notable, remarkable, important achievements, without acknowledging all the (boring? discounted? what-am-I-doing-here?) work it took to get there.

And with good reason. Who wants to hear about the less impressive jobs on someone’s résumé? I do. I think there’s a story to tell—about persistence, about all the soul searching you have to do in your twenties while you’re figuring out your career, about how lost you can feel sometimes—and that’s Life TK.

I talk a lot about mentoring in Life TK, and for this project to be successful, I need to be giving back myself. My goal is to raise enough money through your generous support to be able to (handsomely) pay a student to help me source interviews, research, and edit audio. Think of your dream internship. Got it? OK, that's what I want to give one young woman. With as little as $10 a month, we can make it happen.

The Journalism and Women Symposium honored me with its 2017 Conference and Mentoring Project Entrepreneurial Fellowship for Life TK. To read more about JAWS, its mission, and how you can help this great organization, click right here.
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When I reach $500, I'll hire a journalism student to help me edit two episodes.
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