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About Andrew DiLullo

My name is Andrew DiLullo, and I run The Lighthouse Library, an online archive flush with articles, stories and editorials, all of which are written by me (so far).

I started the archive in June 2018, but I've been honing my writing skills seriously since about 2014. From about June 2017 to June 2018, I wrote over 40 articles for The Cogswell Chronicle, a student newspaper for which I wrote as an alumnus.  I generally enjoyed what I was doing, and enjoyed the freedom of content I was allowed to write about, but all good things must end.  Or not?

I created The Lighthouse Library to continue doing something I love, and have made an effort to scribe a new article every couple weeks, and while I absolutely love the process and the result, it does leave me a bit more strained than I would like financially.

So, if you'd like to help me go from spinning yarns to spinning gold, please consider donating and tell your friends about the site and the donation page so they can enjoy some (quality?) writing too.
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