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About Ole Dammegard

Hi and thank you for taking the time to visit my Patreon page.

This body of work is impossible to keep alive without the compassion and generosity of readers and listeners, your continuing support is ALWAYS greatly appreciated to help cover operating expenses. Any amount that you're able to pledge is highly appreciated. Please support Monthly. Thank you, thank you...

As many of you already know, over the last three (plus) decades I have been working tirelessly to expose the new world order agenda the deception that accompanies it.  From false flag events, sponsored terror and pure hoaxes, most of the events in history that we have been "sold" as terror attacks, are nothing more than staged events - theatre perpetrated by the authors of this satanic agenda. I have also studied and come to know the inner workings of the numerous political assassinations that have taken place over the ages. 
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My goal has been to do this without spreading fear, in fact quite the opposite.  I believe that we must stand up to the people that are directing these events and let them know that we are not going to bow down to their deception and trickery.  And I believe we have made a tremendous amount of headway in this endeavour.  Literally thousands of people are waking up to the fact that the reality we're sold through mainstream media is an absolute farce.  More and more researchers are working together to expose this deception so that our children may inherit a future based on truth, not lies.  We all have a lot of healing to do, and it is time we get on with this process.

Peace and joy, love and light,
Ole Dammegard.
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The goal is to reach 1000 Patrons and provide my Patreon family with more exclusive content.

We are in a very fast changing world where many positive and negative changes are happening quickly around us. Together we need to raise our awareness by shining a very bright light of love on the dark and light side of humanity so positive changes can be made. The time for change is now, to make a difference for our future. 

You as part of my Patron family will help me keep free from corporate sponsors and continue to expand my research in the service of peace, truth and love.
Many hands make light work. Thank YOU for your kind support.
Peace and joy, love and light, 

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