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The Star: Community Access
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Thank you for your support and for endorsing my skills as a reader! You have my utmost gratitude for frequent support to allow me to do what I love most! With this tier you’ll:

☆ Gain access to my Patreon feed, a culmination of community readings (community specific to Patrons), original Patreon-exclusive spreads, Patreon-exclusive energy guided pick-a-card readings, and early sneak peeks at blog posts.

The Sun: Individualized Reading Tier
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With this tier you'll receive:

☆ Rewards of previous tier

☆ Brief personalized one card reading per month, outlining the energy for your month & what to expect (delivered by email in PDF format).

☆ Prioritized suggestions for tarot spreads and blog post focus

Shop reward: Expedited orders; all orders you place get moved to the front of my reading queue

Temperance: Learn Tarot Tier
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With this tier you'll receive:

☆ Rewards of previous tiers

☆ Tarot tips, guidance, and resources
☆ A downloadable PDF of my tarot spreads E-book (20 tarot spreads) - More info:

☆ Tarot interpretation prompts, questions, & reflections to strengthen your practice

☆ Q&A availability & 2nd opinion tarot interpretation availability

Please note that this tier is primarily for beginner readers. While intermediate to advanced readers are welcome, these resources cater to those who are just starting their tarot journey.




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About Lightwands Tarot

My name is Lexi, and I’m a (mostly tarot) card reader and writer from California, coffee lover, astrology enthusiast, double Virgo, and that local resident psychic, weird witchy lady, [insert the other things people call me here].

Why Patreon?
This Patreon serves to provide a cheaper alternative for frequent clients or those who simply find more frequent guidance an experience they prefer. 
I also wanted to create a space where I could share different spreads I create, tarot reading advice, tips, and resources, and have one-on-one interaction with a community engaged in practicing tarot.
Otherwise, if you simply wanted to donate to share some love and appreciation for the free content I post on my blog & Instagram, thank you so much!
I will still be offering full, one-time, private readings at the regular price at my shop

As per the law, I have to state that what I do here is for entertainment purposes.
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At 20 patrons, I'd like to create a community Discord for tarot discussion, tips, and easy communication & connection. I will be able to host events and giveaways more easily this way!
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