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About Li Haoyi

Who Am I

I write and maintain several open source Scala libraries:

- Mill: a better Scala build tool
- Ammonite: a better Scala REPL and Script Runner
- FastParse: a parsing library
- Scalatags: HTML Templating
- uPickle: JSON and Binary serialization
- uTest: a simple testing framework
- OS-Lib: a simple interface to file system and operating system APIs
- Requests-Scala: easily make HTTP requests

If you're using the Mill, Ammonite or any other of my libraries, I'm sure these libraries have given you joy in your day-to-day work. If you've enjoyed my blog, hopefully it has taught you something and perhaps changed the way you think about and write Scala code within your company.

I also write a popular blog at that discusses all things related to programming, that has become a de-facto source of Scala programming best practices.

In either case, please chip in to support the work and make sure the projects you use can continue to be maintained and provide value to you for the foreseeable future!

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