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Joy shall be our defiance, our beauty, our song.

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Continuing in hope is an act of revolution.

Art: Likhain. Writing: Awitin Mo.


Victoria, Australia
Metro Manila, Philippines

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Hi, lovely to meet you! I'm Mia, a queer Filipina artist who immigrated to Australia for True Love. I spend my days in regional Victoria, with its immensity of sky and space, and dream in Metro Manila, with all its terrible splendor, the jeweled chaos and grit of its streets.

I believe that art speaks most truthfully when it's born in blood. To me, this means art that arises out of my struggle to reclaim my heritage, my history, and my present from the ashes of a colonial past and the continuing forces that would seek to shackle me. This means art that speaks of what it is to belong to the margins, to live in that place apart from the center that many would call wilderness; that speaks of the life of women, in all our strength and patience and adamantine resolve, and of the life of queer people, in all the raw beauty and pain of our loves and desires. This means art born in split tongues and lives halved by oceans; this means art born in all the jagged clarity of hope. This means art that burns bright even poised on the brink of annihilation. This means color, and life, and continuance even in a world that would deny it the smallest chance of existence.

I think this kind of art can be a form of defiance against oppression -- as is joy, as is survival. I do art in the spirit of this defiant joy; I do art as a song sung in anger and hope and love and solidarity with the constant strivings of the underrepresented, the marginalized, the disenfranchised. I believe as we reclaim our art and our culture we will have more capacity to move forward. That looking back into the past helps us to look to the future with more freedom, so that we may learn, ever more, where we came from and who we are-- and choose who we want to be.

My favorite themes: fairy tales, monsters, and fantastic excesses; revolution and decolonization; all the historical AUs; identity and the various retellings thereof; the fantastical as everyday and vice versa; and immigration, economics, and language. I say I do "fantastical art" -- this is because I can't really see myself doing realism, when there is so much that lurks in the shadows and lamplight even of our daily goings-on.

A little after the start of this year (2015) I took a leap of faith thanks to the support of my partner and went into art full-time. I want to turn this into a career, a vocation, and I want to pursue-- not just this dream, but whatever stories are in me to tell, to the utmost of my abilities. Right now I'm working as an illustrator, doing commissions for magazines, books, and other similar media, as well as taking on private commissions for paintings and other personal projects.

Patrons help me make studio rent, as well as the costs of materials and daily expenses. As a patron, you'll have access to all my patron-only content, which includes previews of my works in progress and the occasional (very) rambly post, as well as all other perks listed in the pledge levels. If you are so moved, and are able, I would be so thankful for your support -- and if you can't pledge at this time, please know I am still very grateful to you for any kind word or warm thought you may have sent in my direction. I used to think I could have either art or life, choose one; people like you are showing me that it is possible to fully belong to both, to have them to the full. Maraming salamat po.

Where else to find me:
Twitter: @likhain
Instagram: @nasilayan
Tumblr: @likhain
Tinyletter: http://tinyletter.com/likhain
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