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About LilakRain

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I am Lilak-rain, artist and storyteller :)

My Current Main Project
Moon Shift is a an online comic filled with fantasy, adventure, action, drama, humour and lore. There are three story archs planned out with 60+ chapters in the pipeline and an ending which I desperately want to see realized.

Set in a world deeply connected to nature's magic, Moon Shift follows the adventures of Cyan Marker as he travels through the mythical land of Svendara, hunting treasure and breaking curses in a world ruled by druidic clans.

But it is not easy, Svendara is recovering from an eternal war of good versus evil. A war that has left the land scarred and the generations that still remember too afraid to step out into the dark. Cyan will quickly find himself tangled in the struggle to prevent the war from happening again and will discover that doing the "right" thing sometimes means walking in darkness's shadow instead of following the light.

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All this happens after hours and in the spare hours I find on weekends. Pledging will help me free up a work schedule and be able to post regularly every week. Benefits to you will include behind the scene's scetches, process breakdowns and requested tutorials. There is only one tier so everyone will recieve the same benefits.

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I'll create a high res downloadable wallpaper of all the characters that have appeared in the comics so far in one large epic spread :D
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