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About Lilith Dawn

Hi, I'm Lil.

In early 2016, I found myself in an online discussion about space health and how that would impact exploration and colonization of the solar system. That led me to wonder how that would impact humanity itself.

A few days later, I had the concept of The Ogg-Nat War in my head.

By the middle of the 21st Century, multiple health crises in human colonies on Mars and the Moon culminates with the Low Gravity Genomic Survey. Soon thereafter, frequent space travellers and colonists seek out genetic augmentation to protect their health. Between stark environmental differences and augment-driven neurochemical changes, the colonies rapidly evolve cultures and norms different from Earth's. A century later, tensions between "natural" Terrans and augmented Martians and Selenians lead to terror, betrayal, and the threat of interplanetary war.

Currently I am worldbuilding, with an eye toward short stories and possibly a set of novels set in this universe.

This will be reasonably hard SF, and while speculation and error is unavoidable, I am working hard to ensure I have a reasonably solid launching point. That means lots of research, 

Having said that, I must balance the science with the fiction, and so the focus of my storytelling will be on -- well, storytelling. Characters with backgrounds, in complex, thorny situations, are the order of the day.

Why should you donate to my Patreon?

The most practical reason is, it will help fund my research. Even in the Internet age, books, reports, and other print materials are necessary, wonderful, and usually a little pricy. In turn, I will review the books, so you can check them out yourselves.

I am also a panelist at Norwescon and Rustycon, and possibly other SF conventions in the Pacific Northwest in the future. Your contributions will help me bring my Ogg-Nat War stories to conventions, participate in space programming, and sharpen my craft. You'll get updates on convention schedules, insights, and more.

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