Myles is creating Miniature Tutorials and Tutoring Seminars for miniature painting

Get yourself a coffee.

$2 /mo

  • Painting is thirsty work, and this gives me that extra bump to pump content out. 
  • Be entered into a prize draw held from time-to- time to win a miniature painted by Myles.

PDF Tutorials

$7 /mo
  • Access to PDF tutorials covering a whole host of subjects from brush techniques, to how to paint miniatures from start to finish. 
  • At least 1 document will be produced per month. 

Seminar Courses

$10 /mo
  • Monthly patron-only seminars held on the second Sunday of every month. 
  • Each course is approximately 1 hour long. 
  • Each course aims to teach you a new technique in the fi...

Video Tutorials

$15 /mo
  • In depth video tutorials painting a miniature per month.
  • Primarchs, tanks, advanced weathering, core skills and other courses that build into a comprehensive guide on how to paint...

Feedback and Critique.

$32 /mo

  • Q & A live recorded sessions.  
  • Feedback group  - this is a brand new feature and needs a bit of explaining (link to post t...

Personalised Tutorship

$40 /mo
  • 1 hour personalised Skype lesson per month (with the option to book more).
  • Develop skills learnt through seminars with intense one on one tutorials to develop your skills.
  • F...

2 Lessons per month membership.

$70 /mo
  • Supercharge your painting with two monthly lessons concentrating on your learning outcomes. 
  • Paint alongside me, learn new techniques, or save the lessons to tackle a larger project...

Weekly Lessons

$100 /mo
  • Weekly lessons approximately 1 hour long concentrating on improving all aspects of your miniature painting.
  • All previous rewards.