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I was born and brought up in the steel city named Durgapur, in the east Indian state West Bengal. I am a robotics engineer by profession and presently reside in Singapore.
I pursued my undergraduate studies in the southern state of India, Karnataka at Bangalore which is nicknamed to be, “Silicon Valley of India”.
Since childhood, I have been always fascinated with the gift of having an eye that naturally focuses on what I was looking while blurring out everything else.
When I was 12, my father bought his first VGA camera phone along with a Kodak film camera. I became fond of them and used it to capture all our family vacations and day to day moments & stayed invested in the various ways I could produce a better moment to look back and cherish. 15 years later now I continue to travel and explore across the world with the same curiosity and a continued passion for capturing the moments that I can continue to admire for the rest of my journey.

With this moto, I bring forward to you my website Lilliput Photos where I believe the beauty could be found in everything, including the smallest things around us. Here I share my photos that will hopefully speak to you for themselves.

$0 of $2,000 per creation
I will be able to travel and get better photo contents and also respond on any personal requests my patrons will have. Last but not the least, I can also create better content by hiring people, getting better equipment and amazing edits.
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