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About LillyByte

Whoa! First and foremost, I would like to thank those amazing people who believe in LillyByte and my projects, and who are already supporting me through their Patronage. You guys are amazing! Thank you! <3


What IS Dymoria? -- There will be no epic quests for you to complete in the world of Dymoria, you are not the hero in this world. You are not tasked with saving anyone from the cataclysm, you cannot, the world has already been taken from you. Your decisions and choices will be little more than a blip on the map, and the only thing you can do now is survive until you die. No, this is not the grand tale of a hero who will be remembered across the ages, but the story of a nobody in the middle of nowhere who will be consumed by a savage world and forgotten in time. 

You can download the Test Client, or learn more about Dymoria here:

Dymoria is my main project, but please keep in mind, Dymoria is all about building the backend, right now, so there isn't much of a game to actually see. (Note: The server was taken offline in February until there's significant enough changes to warrant an update; this is a cost saving measure!)

Casual Shooter

This is an occasional arcade shooter that I am building with my pixel artist partner, MrMustashe.

Watch LillyByte on Twitch!

I can, often, be found on Twitch in the Game Development section under Creative on Twitch. I don't have a stream schedule, and I could be streaming during the day or during the night-- and sometimes, both. Mostly, I stream Dymoria's development during the weekdays, but I can also be found working on the smaller, casual games on the weekends or late in the week.

LillyByte's Twitch Channel


There are several tools I have at my disposal to complete my projects; I use or switch tools depending on project requirements, and whichever is the most efficient and fastest for getting something done. These are tools I have invested my own money in, many of them, I have invested thousands of hours in learning and using over the years, and some I have professional experience in using.
  • Nvil: 3D polygon/subdisivion modeler.
  • MODO: All-in-one 3D modeling package.
  • 3D Coat: Sculpting, retopo, UV mapping, texturing.
  • MindTex 2: Texture map creator.
  • Substance Painter/Designer/B2M: texturing.
  • Marvelous Designer: Clothing/cloth designer.
  • Akeytsu: 3D animation.
  • Pro Motion NG: Pixel sprite editor.
  • Spriter Pro: 2D skeleton 
  • Godot Engine: PC/iOS/Android/HTML5 (GDscript)
  • AppGameKit: An engine I tinker with using every now and again.
  • Photoshop: Graphics/photo/texture editing.

A Little About Me (and LillyByte)

I was a gamer from the beginning, first playing the pong console (early 80s), then moving to Atari, before playing my first computer games on the Commodore 64 with a short side-trip on the TRS-80. I loved games; and I played hundreds of them. More importantly, how games were made intrigued me; how they went from things I typed on the keyboard to moving pixels on the screen, so that's how I learned my first programming language: BASIC. In my teenage years, I moved to the Tandy 1000 HX and played many more games from the classic giants such as LucasArts, Sierra Online, Microprose, Electronic Arts, Broderbund, Westwood, Black Ilse Studios, and many more... but, as I played games, I also learned how to make them. I picked up Turbo Pascal and C; and I had always thought I would become a game developer, but then life sent me on a 35 year detour.

However, never did I lose my love of games or my desire to make them. That 35 year detour, at different points, allowed me to work in graphic design / photo retouching (art experience), multimedia (cinematography/animation/video production), and selling content in virtual worlds (3D modeling, texturing, and sales; working both independently and for commission). So, while I never became the game developer I wanted to be, I did get to work in a number of fields that gave me experience which lends itself well to developing games.

But, here I am today... coming full circle and, once again, "chasing the dream"-- and as per usual-- always the struggling artist.

Professional Background in Online Content

I made a living for several years creating content and worked for a number of corporations in various virtual worlds. Following that, I opened my own photography/video production studio which was burnt down during a break-in/arson. That prompted me to go back to my childhood dream of producing video games, so that is what I am doing now.

Overarching Goal

My goal here is just to make games, and maybe people will like the games I make. And if people like the games I make, maybe they'll support their development, just a little.... or a lot. And if you support their development then I can make more games! It's the circle of gaming life!

Patreon Support

Any and all Patreon support will be put into developing and expediting whatever games are being made; whether that's licensing new software, outsourcing to other artists, musicians, or programmers; or whatever else any project may need to succeed along the way.

Anyway, if you feel like you would like to join me, or even sponsor me on this journey, please give a show of support, even if it's in a comment or message! :)

Thanks! :)
$5.50 of $50 per month
At $50/month, I will upgrade the current server host to something more robust, with more memory + more CPU power.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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