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Hey there, my name’s Lily Lancaster and I write lesfic.

I presently write under three separate pens for three types of lesfic. As Lily Lancaster I write erotic lesfic, often with a romance focus and almost always in unusual settings (sci-fi, etc.). Under Yuna Celeste I write non-erotic lesfic where romance is a B-Plot at most, and mostly focus on sci-fi, fantasy, and urban fantasy. And I very occasionally dabble in a little bit of lesfic futa under the Freia Ricola name.

As a supporter here on Patreon you get early access to everything I write, before it’s published to Amazon, plus some exclusive content for patrons only. You’ll also get access to behind-the-scenes content such as my setting bibles, random chats about the business side of writing, looks at rough drafts, and other goodies.

Speaking of goodies, here’s what you’ll get for supporting me (if you’re wondering what a yurista is, imagine a barista who serves you gay girls):

$1: Yurista Patron
At the basic tier you get pretty much everything I write. I’m not normally a big fan of locking a lot of content away behind paywalls, so I keep most of my fiction freely available for everyone.

You get all my works (with the two exceptions noted in the $3 and $5 tiers below) as they’re completed and before I publish to Amazon. You’ll also get some exclusive stories set in my universes (Aida, Star Empire, Liraleth, and others) with new characters and situations set outside of the main series/stories. These will be between 1,000-10,000 words apiece.

Additionally, I talk pretty frequently about behind-the-scenes issues such as the business side of being a writer, the challenges of publishing to Amazon, and other things. But more than that, you’ll get access to my complete setting bibles for each universe I create, so if you’re a lore nerd, this is the place for you :D

I also give all patrons advance warning of when books in KU will be free for a day, so you can grab the official Amazon releases if you want them. I normally do one or two free days per month (you get 5 total across the three month period).

$3: Yurista Regular
In addition to $1 tier content, access to a timed-exclusive, ongoing erotic story series. This is normally a novella serial, with each book being around 10-20k words apiece and around 3-8 parts, then shared with $3 supporters as each part is completed. Once the whole series is finished, it’ll be shared with everyone from $1 and up, then published to Amazon and put into Kindle Unlimited for three months. Then we start afresh with a new series, again staying exclusive to this tier and up until done.

These are always erotic in nature, sometimes pure romance, sometimes not, and normally have a sci-fi, fantasy, or other exotic setting.

$5: Yurista Star Patron
All of the above, plus an extra short story involving an existing character (or characters) from one of my works.

Since you’re probably already into what I write if you’re supporting at this tier, it makes sense to give you spin-off stories involving the girls you’re familiar with, the sort of thing that wouldn’t work if you don’t already know the settings, stories, and characters.

You also get exclusive access to these short stories. Unlike the $3 tier, where I eventually make the stories available to everyone once they’re finished, the $5 tier remains exclusive permanently. I’m shooting for roughly one story per month, but I might do an extra if I have time spare.

An example of the sort of thing I mean would be a prequel story involving Lisa and Mira, two characters from An Idol Romance. Or a story featuring a character who’s just left the main series for a trip and won’t be back for a while, but might get up to some naughty adventures while she’s away. The $1 tier exclusive short stories are new characters, the $5 exclusives are existing characters. That’s the difference, in short.

I generally shoot for around 1,000-5,000 words per short story. Check out a sample HERE (in PDF format). This is a spoiler-free prequel short involving Lisa and Mira from An Idol Romance.

Behind the Scenes:
One of the things I love most about fictional worlds is reading about them. I don’t mean the stories set in them—though those are awesome, too—rather, I mean the lore of those worlds. All the little background details, incidental world building, history, and so on.

A favourite franchise of mine used to be the Fallout games, at least until Bethesda bought the rights and completely ruined it. Before that, it was a rich and detailed setting, full of interesting conflicts and characters and moral greyness. It’s more or less the only post-apoc setting I love to the point where I’ll happily spend hours just reading wiki pages on it to learn about the lore.

Likewise, entire afternoons can disappear while reading about Lord of the Rings, or Babylon 5, or Stargate. I’m a huge lore nerd, basically. And because I understand that this is fun for a lot of people, myself included, one of the things I offer my Patreon supporters is full access to my own setting bibles.

While these are pretty much complete, I do strip out overt spoiler material, so you can read them without spoiling major plot points of the stories set in them. I might at some point put up the full versions, but for now I’m sticking with the sanitised versions for safety.

About Me:
While I’m not actively writing lesfic, I’m generally enjoying idol-related shows, magical girl-related shows, occasional sandbox games like Rimworld or Kenshi where I get to flex some of my other creative muscles, and cute witches. Cute witches improve everything. No exceptions.

One Last Thing:
If you grab one of my Amazon books while it’s in a free day—or you borrow it via Kindle Unlimited—I’d very much appreciate it if you could zip over to your regional Amazon store and leave a quick review. US for preference, if you happen to have an account, those reviews appear on every Amazon regional store, which is super helpful.

Authors live or die by reviews, so the more I can get, the closer I’ll be to writing full-time and giving you more high quality content.


$20 of $150 per month
As a thanks for helping me reach this milestone, you’ll get an exclusive (for six months) novel in my Aida universe. It’ll be a standalone prequel story called As the Sun Loves the Moon, but it’ll make more sense in context if you’ve read the main series (hence why it’s a patron bonus). Keep an eye out for notifications of free KU days to grab the whole series at no cost on Amazon.

Set during the Frontier Period of Aida's history, this novel-length work will tell the story of how the world of Aida was settled and became the entertainment—and idol—capital of the stars.

It'll star four of the major characters from the main work—Isla, Anise, Luna, Yana—in new roles, plus the other girls playing side characters. The general idea is that this is a movie these characters are filming in-universe (which will be shown directly in the main novels). Sort of a meta story within a story kind of deal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 132 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 132 exclusive posts

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