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is creating Interactive Maps of the Thin Places that Surround Us

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About The Society for Liminal Cartography

The Society for Liminal Cartography maintains the original crowd-sourced map of personal paranormal experiences at Liminal.Earth. Spooky things happen every day all around us! Instead of brushing these peculiar moments and bizarre encounters off as chance, or mere coincidence, what if we talked about them, mapped them, and tried to decode the message? Seen a spook? Visited by Tiny Colorful Men from Another Place? Watched a dog walk down the street wearing shoes? If this is you, if you’re interested in stories like this, the Society for Liminal Cartography needs your support!

Our work has been featured both locally and nationally in
Vice, the Seattle Times, KUOW, Mysterious Universe and many more (see our Press Page).

While some paranormal enthusiasts take their work incredibly seriously, Kelly and Puma keep it light. The map contains some hilarious accounts that go beyond simple ghost and UFO sightings. One account from Denver tells the tale of a mystery cassette tape with the instructions“DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS TAPE” and the storyteller explains that it was clearly left by time traveller“from the past, or from the future when cassettes got retro-cool again. Puma said that he and Kelly are“interested in amassing data points from the full spectrum of‘weird’ experiences.”


By supporting the Society for Liminal Cartography, you are helping with:

  • Liminal Cartography-- The Society is establishing chapters and on-boarding regional ambassadors, creating maps in as many human settlements as possible.
  • Liminal Expeditions-- We are exploring selected sites from the Map and beyond, looking into their history, and recording what we find in Zines, Podcasts, and other media.
  • Liminal Tools — We are creating tools for remythologizing your landscape, both inside and out. From pendulums to plant formularies to oracular systems, we’re developing and testing Liminal Tools and making them available to you.

With the help of our patrons, we are currently able to produce:

  • A Podcast
  • A Monthly Newsletter
  • Liminal Zines
  • An oracle deck
  • Lively social media and discord communities
  • A Liminal Ambassador Program
  • Tabling and speaking engagements
In the future we hope to provide:

  • Printed Copies of The Map
  • Liminal Guidebooks to <Your Town Here>
  • Guided Tours of Liminal Places
  • Liminal Earth Mobile App
  • Paranormal Trivia Nights
  • Liminal Brick and Mortar Gift Shop / World Headquarters
  • AND MORE...!

To help us expand, we are offering some EXCLUSIVE perks for members that we're sure you'll find interesting.


The motto of the S.L.C. is“The Map Is The Territory.
Principals of Liminal Cartography
    1. “Respect the mystery”
    2. “Be nice to entities”
    3. Remythologize your landscape
    4. Normalize the paranormal

$78.26 of $300 per month
$300/month will allow us to continue maintaining the map at our current pace. It'll also help us with the creation of zines, the newsletter, liminal tools and equipment, etc. It will also cover rental and table space at various weird and interesting events. 
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