is creating maps and content for D&D and other RPGs.

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reward item
reward item
per map or content pack
  • Hi-res (140dpi) versions of 2 or more maps, assets, or tokens per release (typical the original and at least one variation)
  • Gridded and Gridless versions of all included maps.
  • 2 (or more) Player Scale Battlemap (1 square = 5ft).
  • 2 (or more) Vehicle Scale Tokens (1 square = 50ft) of any ships, vehicles, and creatures for use in large scale encounters.
  • Discord Server access and a unique Role.
  • Vote in Content Polls to decide what I will work on next.
  • Access to all previously released maps and assets.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Digital downloads


reward item
reward item
per map or content pack
  • All Quartermaster Level rewards
  • All variations of any maps (typically 3+ in total)
  • Transparent background PNGs of ships and other assets.
  • Access to the Prop Emporium, over 500+ PNG assets for making and populating your maps.
  • All token variations (when applicable)
  • A PDF of a 5e D&D Adventure (when applicable)
  • All magic items (when applicable)
  • I'll add your personalized suggestions to the poll to vote on the next assets I create.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Digital downloads


reward item
reward item
per map or content pack
  • All Captain and Quartermaster level rewards.
  • High Quality Print Ready versions in PDF format for printing out maps and assets for your in person sessions.
  • Foundry VTT Content (all new releases, most old ones). Each map pack will contain a module you can install to get maps with lighting and walls (and occasionally sound effects, macros, Multilevel Token setup, and more) already setup.
  • Access to the Brethren Court, a secret Discord chat room with content previews and discussion about upcoming maps.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Digital downloads




per map or content pack

About Limithron

Ahoy! My name is Luke, and I make maps, illustrations, and content for table top and VTT RPGs. I'm know for my ships and pirate themed content, but I always strive to make lots of variations of my maps so they can be used in as many settings as possible.

View all of my content and download both free versions here: Limithron's Table of Contents.
Search and view larger resolution thumbnails of my maps here:


My releases will always have at least one map, and often as many as 10! I also create tokens, puzzles, art, and 5e D&D adventures & supplements. I typically release 3 or 4 times a month.

Online Store

If you want something I've created but would prefer to just pay once and download it, check out my digital store here:

Roll20 Marketplace

If you use Roll20, I have a lot of content—including Add-On Advenutre with dynamic lighting already setup—available on their online marketplace:

Social Media


Discord Server

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or requests, or want to interact with like-minded RPG gamers, come join my Discord server, Limithron's Hideout

Thanks for your support!
$1,964.70 of $2,000 per map or content pack
Hire an employee
The next step is to bring on a team member to help with releases, the website, social media, and marketing, so I can spend more time creating content for you all!
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