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is creating advice on pets, art, treasure hunting and graphic design.
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About Lim 'N Ti

Lim 'n Ti is actually two people. Li and Tim. Our name is derived from a friend mixing up our names.

Li is able to offer advice and tips on graphic design, web dev, and cat, cats, cats.

I also will offer training for those who need experience and cannot afford college to get the training they need for job placement.

My specialties are HTML5 and rich media creatives. Adobe creative suite InDesign, Illustrator Photoshop and Animate.

I can help you finalize your creatives, find shortcuts or solve problems when getting your art ready for publishing.

I can offer advice on cats after having worked in a veterinary office and having owned over 30 cats at one time. We currently own 7 cats at this time.

Tim is a treasure hunter. He specializes in metal detection and can offer tips on finding and hunting places.

He will tell you the do's and don'ts of treasure hunting as well as how to identify something valuable or rare from something that is not. 

Our goal for this page is to pay off student loans, save for retirement and give back to the world at large by sharing our knowledge.

College is out of reach for many people these days and we want to spare you the burden of the student loan nightmare we are living by teaching you what we know.

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When we reach 1000.00 per month we will let 5 patrons a month request personal help with a problem or project. We will do our best to personally help you resolve it one on one via private email or video. Surpise gifts.
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