Lina Sandén is creating Songs, videos, performances.. Well, music.

Sweet Cheerleader

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As being part of Team Awesome People you get access to Patron-only content. You know, what's happening behind the scenes, songwriting wins and woes, video preps and all that.

Thank you an...

Inspiring and sugar-frenzy awesome Cheerleader

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You're the one who likes holding me accountable, who loves to cheer and pushes me to get going NOW. I not only adore you, I love and fear you in equal measure. You rock.

For you my friend

You-blow-my-mind Cheerleader (yes you do)

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You and I have a thing going on, yes we do. You keep me accountable, and you sometimes believe in me more than I do. You see the vision stronger than anybody else and you know for sure that it's a ...