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For those who would prefer to get my books elsewhere but want to kick in a dollar to support extra projects. This money will go toward paying for character art and editing short stories and bonus material I occasionally publish on my blog. 

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Receive all the novels I publish EARLY. Usually 1-2 weeks before they are published to the stores. If a novel will be released for 99 cents, and you're signed up at this level or above, you'll simply get it for free. 

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Receive all my novels early, and also receive short stories, novellas, etc. I write for anthologies long before they're published. You'll also get the mp3s for audiobooks I produce and some of my older ebooks you might not have tried before. 




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About Lindsay Buroker

I’m Lindsay Buroker, I write science fiction and fantasy, and I write LOTS of it. Because dragons and spaceships? You can’t have too many of them. Ever.

When I’m rolling, I’ll write a novel a month, most under my name, but some under my pen name, Ruby Lionsdrake. Don’t tell anyone, but those stories have naughty bits in them. Your mother wouldn’t approve. At all. But there are still dragons. And spaceships.

I sell lots of books to lots of awesome readers, so I didn’t start Patreon as a way to make piles of extra money. I’m basically using it to sell books in a way that lets me keep more of the cover price (95% instead of 35-70%) and cuts down my reliance on bookstores and publishers (currently, more than 80% of my income comes from Amazon).

If you support at the $5 level, you get my novels EARLY. Typically about a week before I publish, I will upload the final ebooks and send the download link to Patreon subscribers. I may also upload my “typo hunter” copies earlier than that (these have been edited but haven’t yet passed the eyes of my typo hunter patrol).

At the $10 level, you get my novels early and anything else I happen to put out, such as pen name novels, short story collections, etc. Since you guys asked for it, I'm going to start uploading some older LB and Ruby books, too, as well as the audiobook files for the new novels when I am in a position to share them. (I can share the ones I pay to have created myself, but I don't have the right to share the ones that are produced by my publisher.) 

If you prefer to keep buying my books from the bookstore, that’s absolutely fine. If you want, you can kick in $1 for support and to get access to the behind-the-scenes posts I share here. This extra money will go toward editing and character art costs for the free fiction I occasionally post on my blog (short stories, bonus scenes, etc.). 


As I write this, it’s a huge advantage to participate in Amazon’s exclusivity program, which allows books to get extra promotional benefits and be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Because of this, I have been publishing some of my new fiction this way, exclusive to Amazon for a time. This Patreon is a way for you to get those books even if you’re not an Amazon shopper (they will go out to Patreon subscribers BEFORE they are enrolled in that exclusivity program).

How are the ebooks delivered and in what format?

I use Bookfunnel for ebook delivery. They are good about providing tech support for devices that I know nothing about, so if you have any trouble getting the ebook from Bookfunnel to your e-reader, just click the help link at the top of the page, and they will answer your questions.

I will share the link to the Bookfunnel page, and you pop on over to download it in your chosen format (.mobi for Kindles and .epub for all other e-readers). It's pretty easy!

I would like to know what the next few books will be. What's your publishing schedule?

My publishing plans tend to be tentative since I often get shiny new ideas and can't keep from darting off to work on them. Also, sometimes what I think will be a single book or a trilogy expands into a whole series. That said, here are my tentative plans for 2020:
  • The last two books in my Star Kingdom sci-fi series.
  • A new urban fantasy series (Death Before Dragons) will be my main project of 2020. 
  • Possibly some catch-up books for older series that I need to finish. 

What if I only want your fantasy or only your science fiction titles? Or only books from a particular series?

You have a couple of options:
  1. Watch the schedule and see what's coming up and wait until a series you're interested in starts up (I'll make announcements to my newsletter subscribers now and then to remind you of the Patreon option). You can subscribe and unsubscribe to my Patreon campaign whenever you want or upgrade and downgrade the level at which you subscribe, depending on what's coming up.
  2. Skip Patreon and buy the books in the stores so you make sure you don't get stuck with ones you don't want (you can always support at the $1 level if you want to help out and be kept in the loop without receiving the books this way).
  3. Give away the books you're not interested in to scifi or fantasy loving friends.

How often do you publish?


I did about 10 novels last year, between my name and my pen name. You usually won't be charged more than once a month, but sometimes I will write the first three and sit on them so I can release them rapidly (this helps gain more visibility on Amazon, in particular). So you might not get charged for a couple of months, but then get charged for two things in one month. I'll try to limit this. Also, you won't be charged when I publish ebooks under my pen name. You also won't be charged for anything shorter than a novel. I'll include these for free.

Can I loan your ebooks to friends and family?

Yes, you can share them with friends and family. All of my ebooks are DRM-free. 

Why did you start a Patreon campaign?

It's something I've been thinking about for a while, but the catalyst was Amazon and their exclusivity program.

Right now, Amazon is set up to give preference to books in their KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited program (more visibility and promo opportunities are given to those books and less to those not in the program), and it's hard to compete there, especially as an indie author, with titles that aren't exclusive. So I've started enrolling new releases for new series there, sometimes for as much as a year before going "wide" to the other stores.

However, I have readers on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Google Play, etc., and they have made it clear that they're not pleased when they have to buy the books on Amazon (many just won't buy them until they're available in their store). This is perfectly understandable. 

By using Patreon to deliver ebooks early (before I officially launch and enroll them in Amazon's exclusivity program), I can get the books out to anyone with any type of e-reader. 

Further, I get 95% of the price when you buy through Patreon. On Amazon and the other stores, I get 35-70% max, depending on the price (typically even less for books that are borrowed through Kindle Unlimited). I could sell books directly from my site, but that would involve collecting sales tax (different amounts for each sale, based on the state and country where it originates), and that gets complicated. Patreon handles all that and seems like a win-win situation for me and for readers. I make more per book, and you get the books early. 

Thanks for reading! 
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 91 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 91 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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