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Stories of Healing embodies compassion and storytelling, embracing experiential healing modalities while supporting its co-creator. You will receive: 

*A healing story each month 

*Be part of the archive by participating in telling your story. This story can be sent to me by email, Patreon message, or snail mail. It will be posted within the month with your choice of being anonymous or identified by name of your choice. 

*20% off one Intuitive Healing Session per year with me (local or remote) 

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Sacred Expansion is the seed to exploring mystics and magic as tools for healing and creating. You will receive: 

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Weaving your Truth is all about intuitive guidance, stepping into your own truth, and practicing ritual. You will receive:

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About Lindsay Schettler

Welcome! My name is Lindsay Schettler and I am behind Familiars Archive, a place to explore different healing modalities, mysticism, ancestral healing, and ritual through storytelling. I am an archivist+preservation librarian, educator, mother, weaver, healer, postpartum doula, and spirit-worker. I am exploring storytelling in various forms as a way to communicate, expand, release, and look inward during cyclical healing journeys. I offer my stories in hopes others would tell theirs and we can build an archive together. This space will offer intuitive guidance, rituals, and information regarding healing exploration. 

I work part-time as an academic librarian at a local college and facilitate Seek River, specializing in transformational energy work, spirit and ancestral healing, animistic folklore preservation, and experiential education. I intend to facilitate a safe space to explore different healing modalities from a Northern European ritual animist and earth-base perspective. This work is offered in the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness; one does not need to identify with any particular ancestral, cultural, or spiritual affiliation to receive healing.. - You can follow me on IG: @seekriverhealing   

My goals as a small business are to create a small collaborative space in a small city in the Midwest to support other healers to offer their work and facilitate a place for the community to share stories and archive them. My decade of work with cultural heritage collections and archives has brought me to a place of radical empathy and advocacy for preserving stories of healing through holistic and mystical ways and stories by healers. My hope is to grow an archive for the animistic folklore community that is tangible and is filled with empowering and magical content. This support from you will help with establishing these goals while also creating an online community to make healing accessible. Thank you for your support! Blessings + Love ~ Lindsay

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