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* Only applies to books released that month (I generally release 2-4 books a year) 




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Hi there! I'm Lindsey, and I write Science Fiction and Fantasy novels set in the Pacific Northwest, usually with a mythological or historical twist. I've finished three series (Echo Trilogy, Kat Dubois Chronicles, The Ending Series), and I'm currently working on my fourth series, Atlantis Legacy (part of the greater Legacies of Olympus universe), as well as a reader-driven web series/podcast, Allworld Online (also part of the Legacies of Olympus universe).

I'm also a full-time mom, wife, and pet wrangler, and I share the responsibility of providing for our family with my husband. Which brings me to the reason I'm starting a Patreon: a desire for creative independence and income stability.

I love this author business, and being an author has ruined me for all other career paths, with all creative endeavors, it's often feast or famine. In the author business, the peaks and valleys depend on two things: how long it's been since our latest release and how much time and money we're putting into marketing and advertising our older books. In order stabilize my income, I've had to put more and more time into the marketing side of things, which means there's less time for creating new worlds and writing new stories. My goal with this Patreon is to even out those peaks and valleys, giving me the freedom to spend more time writing and less time marketing.

There's also the writing on the wall - the world of publishing (and reading) is changing - and as authors, we can either stick our heads in the sand and ignore the changes, or we can adapt. I'm choosing to adapt. Right now, my success (or failure) is directly tied to one online mega-retailer (I bet you can guess which retailer...). This is slightly terrifying, as that retailer could easily make a change that, in the blink of an eye, demolishes my business. No more royalties. No more books. The end. Clearly, such a business model is a very bad idea, yet tens of thousands of authors are currently stuck in the same position as I'm in.

Every day, thousands of new books are published online. Rather than fight the crowd, I'm turning around and trying a different direction and hopefully gaining my creative independence and building a stronger, more sustainable business model. My plan is to provide a unique experience that readers can't get anywhere else - to make it truly worth it FOR YOU to support my work through Patreon. Anyone can buy my books on Amazon, but when you become my Patron, you're signing up to get a whole lot more than just my stories - you're pulling back the curtain and watching the magic happen, from blinking cursor on a blank page to finished, formatted book. Plus, there's swag. :D

Patreon is an online platform that allows creators to connect with their fans and establish an ongoing relationship akin to the old-school patronage model (like the Medici Family funding Botticheli's work in 15th century Florence), but with the modern spin of online crowdfunding. Nowadays, a creator can be supported by a lot of people giving a little rather than one person giving a lot.

All of my Patrons will be acknowledged in the back of any books released during their period of active patronage. All Patrons over the "Tip Jar" level will gain instant access to my Patreon feed, including exclusive blog posts, a video diary, and bonus content relating to each new release. Patrons of higher levels will be sent draft chapters as I write or even have the chance to watch a live writing session, as well as receive early editions of eBooks, paperback books, and other goodies each time I release a new book (and depending on level of patronage). High-rollers even have the opportunity to decide what I write next by choosing their own short story

Stability. Less stress. Creative and business independence. The freedom to chase my muse and try new, unconventional methods of storytelling. A stronger connection to my readers. The funding to commission character artwork and put together special collector's editions of my books. A million things I haven't thought of yet, but will gladly share with you when the time comes...

The 1st of every month, so long as your patronage is active.

***NOTE*** Patrons are charged the moment their patronage begins, so if you sign up near the end of the month, you may be charged again fairly soon (on the 1st of the next month).
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