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is creating blog posts on museum education and an independent museum consult

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I am a passionate and dedicated individual who is determined to provide local and national history for future generations to appreciate their roots and teach the next generation. My love for museums began from a very young age.
My lifelong passion for history led me to earn my Bachelors degree in History from Western New England University and my Masters degree in Public History from Central Connecticut State University. Along the way, I gained various experiences within school activities and museums. My experiences include working with students in school programs at the Stanley-Whitman House in Farmington, Connecticut, Connecticut’s Old State House, and Connecticut Landmarks Hartford properties.
Today, I continue to look for opportunities to expand my knowledge and bring awareness to the public on the significance of the arts, history, and sciences in our society. I do so by writing a blog and sharing resources on my website. I came to Patron with hopes of finding people who will help bring awareness to the museum education field. 

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Thank you to all of my patrons, future patrons, and friends for your support!!
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