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If you donate $1 then you officially become one of the coolest people we know!  It's people like you that help make this channel and that is rad! Digital hugs coming your way!  Did you think that was all you'd be getting?  Think again!  You'll be getting your very own FAIRY who will star in my upcoming videos!  Your fairy will help around the set when they show up - so don't forget to WATCH OUT for your fairy's next cameo!  Your fairy will be named after you and have a special thank you in the videos as well. ♥

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Wow!  Thank you so much!  ^u^
For being so cool,  You will have digital access to ALL of my livestreamed, Zelda-themed plushie patterns!

PLUS, you'll also get the rewards from the lower Regular pledge tiers (because that's how cool we are.)

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Thanks for liking my ASMR videos so much!
For being so kind, please enjoy more mini ASMR sessions with yours truly!  I will email you a five (5) minute Zelda-themed .mp3 audio file (each month will feature a new clip!)
PLUS, you'll also get the rewards from the lower ASMR pledge tiers (because that's how cool we are.)




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Hey everyone! Linksliltri4ce here! ^u^
I'm a cosplayer, Lover of all things Legend of Zelda, and just an overall nerd. ;)
I'm currently asking for YOUR help to raise money to help fund the making a variety of videos all focusing on The Legend of Zelda!

I am making a series cataloging my entire collection for others to uses as a Collector's reference. I will be taking up close videos on each item and reviewing them for both educational and entertainment purposes. The historian in me wants to document each Zelda item to help preserve vintage items as well as make a useful resource for other collectors or fans of the Zelda series.

I am also developing a line of Zelda-themed plushies based off of every enemy and character in the series. I will be livestreaming the creation of these plushies on my Twitch channel ( and making their patterns available HERE for you awesome supporters!

If you enjoy things on the quieter side, I also have my collection video series in ASMR format
So stop by and relax away with your favorite video game series!

My ultimate goal is to raise enough money modestly support The Legend of Collections video series as well as fund possibly future projects for The Legend of Cosplay. It would be awesome if you chose to donate!

You can find my Zelda collection at and my cosplays at
$15 of $600 per month
The newest part of my Legend of Collections series is called: Let's Try Dubious Foods. As you can guess, I will be taste testing old Zelda-themed foods from my collection.  (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)
One goal of mine is to try the infamous Nintendo Cereal System Zelda and Mario themed cereal for the first time.  (My parents didn't believe in buying sugary cereals when I was growing up.)  With your help, I will track down a sealed box and EAT SOME SUPER OLD CEREAL for your enjoyment!  So help a crazy super-fan out!

Yeah... I wanna eat that! ;)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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