LinuxGameCast is creating podcasts for who game on Linux and do other stuff good too


$1 /creation
You get the Pre Preshowzen podcast, early access to live VOD's, and an invite to our Discord server of Business

Plus your name in the credits of L.G.C. Weekly and LWDW.

Death Notes

$2.50 /creation
Early access to our show notes with the ability to suggest news topics. 

Notifications sent out on Wed and Sat accordingly. 

NOTE: Access is opt-in. Please contact...


Sea Monsters

$3.50 /creation
Get your project mentioned at the end of each show.

Please send us a message on Patreon to claim this reward.

Chicago Kicks Arse

$6.66 /creation
The Blizard always came straight with his messages. But wrap your minds around this gentlemen.

Executive Producers

$10 /creation
Reserved spot for multiplayer games played during the Aftershowzen and scheduled live streams.  

In addition, you will be listed as an executive producer (EP) in the credits of each show. 

Fiscally Irresponsible

$25 /creation
Make it rain! 

Plus an open invite to appear as a guest on L.G.C. Weekly and LWDW.