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About Lionel Tarot

Welcome to Lionel Tarot!

Thank you for supporting me! I have read Tarot cards for over 15 years, and want to share the creative and inspiring world of Tarot with you! My tarot readings, lessons, and my Lionel Tarot blog are my personal contributions to the tarot world. It has been a few years but tarot has never stopped being a part of my life, and interest in my articles and readings have steadily brought me back to reading tarot regularly despite my demanding day job.

I believe its time to begin taking new students and querents - the tarot word for someone asking for a reading - and reinventing my Lionel Tarot website to make something really special for tarot enthusiasts online. Patreon makes that dream possible, and I'm so glad you're here!

Want Tarot Readings?
Become a Lionel Tarot Patron!

Become a Lionel Tarot patron and every dollar you pledge goes towards your next tarot reading or lesson with me, period. Here are just some of the reasons you might decide pledging is for you:
  • You value the mystery, fun, and insight of tarot readings!
  • You want to commit to openly exploring your personal and creative challenges.
  • My approach and perspective on tarot works really well for you (Thank you)!
  • You are curious to learn more about Tarot as a personal creative and spiritual tool,
  • You want to become an effective, ethical, and thoughtful tarot reader, professionally or for your own enrichment, or
  • You want a spiritual companion with knowledge and experience in tarot, a unique and flexible western mystery tradition. 

My readings are for everyone! I strive to give you valuable, fun, and insightful tarot readings and lessons to all kinds of people, and whether you are religious or not, spiritual or not, I invite you to bring your critical thinking to bear in our time together so together we can explore your questions and curiosities.

About me. I have over 15 years of experience with tarot cards and its interconnections with Western mystery traditions and symbol systems. Though these subjects are metaphysical, my readings are reality-based, relying on observation, conversation, and storytelling - no psychic powers required! I also have training in psychotherapy-informed group leadership, experiential and adventure education, and have had a lot of study and exposure to different modes of pyschotherapy, especially Gestalt. While I believe tarot is valuable as a 'folk therapy', I am absolutely not a therapist or other kind of medical or legal expert. Rather, I bring a diverse range of knowledge and experience to the tarot table. Read more about my services and approach to tarot on my blog.

About my Patreon. Think of pledging to my Patreon as joining a Tarot club, where you receive a reading for every $78 you give along with some other small thank-you perks. This tracks roughly with my regular reading rates which are $75 per hour plus tips, and your monthly commitment to my tarot work gives me the enormous gift of inspiration and time to work on my other tarot projects, driven by a community of interest in my work.

To learn more about me, my services, and my thoughts on tarot please watche the video below and explore!

Want more in depth info? Read on!

My Goals and Vision

I've chosen to base my Patreon goals on people rather than dollars because I want to build community. New decks, books, and blogs proliferate, and some online spaces flourish, but since I began reading I've seen so many blogs and forums close up shop, and subsequently lost connection to so many people. The tarot community deserves more: we deserve a platform and a network. 

Between my programming interests and my tarot knowledge, I have long wanted to create-open source apps and websites which let people store, compare, and share their readings and spreads with one another. With enough people we can look for trends in the readings we give and receive in relationship to a whole community of tarot hobbyists and professionals. Novel tarot apps can use machine learning to delight and inspire new interest in the tarot. The sky is the limit, and with your help I can get there!

For now, I look forward to reviving the old blog with an updated design and dusting off some of the bit rot that has collected over the years. Each new patron I get gives me the inspiration and the resources to learn and do more, bit by bit, to make modern, magical ways to use the tarot for fun, meaning, and a better life through reflection and conversation.

Patron Rewards

Rewarding patrons with readings rather than articles or videos lets me focus on my relationships with you as tarot enthusiasts and wisdom seekers instead of fretting over always creating content. Thanks to you I am free to approach my other tarot ideas such as writing articles, creating podcasts and video logs, and coding useful apps for tarot readers with freedom and curiosity rather than obligation.

With that in mind, I've designed rewards to do two things:
  • Generate tarot readings. I want to offer real value for you in the form of tarot consultations and lessons, so here's the deal:
    • For lower donation amounts every $78 dollars you give me earns you a coupon for an hour long tarot session, good forever. Gift them, hoard them, its up to you!
    • At $78 or above, you still get a 60 minute reading per month even if you give more. The exception is at $108, which is essentially enrolling as a student with me with a 90 minute allowance across either one or two sessions.
    • You may always pay me the difference between your Patreon contributions to date and your next free reading, lesson, or any of my other tarot services.
    • Compare the cost to buying a reading from me and tipping me $3 (minus transaction fees). 
    • As with all my services, the money you give me on Patreon can go towards readings or lessons on a sliding scale - if you feel compelled to ask for a reading or lesson for barter or a lower price, please get in touch with me, we can work something out!
  • Give positive rewards without paywalls. I've tried to create fun perks that won't bar non-patrons from content or tools which could build and enrich online tarot community. For instance:
    • Offer ways to recognize supporters with badge instead of preventing non-patrons from commenting on articles.
    • Make my chat server open to anyone instead of patron-only, and give Patrons special roles and chances to become moderators in recognition of their commitment and support. 
    • Only make posts patron-exclusive when they are behind the scenes content or requests for feedback which I wouldn't normally release to a wider audience.
Some rewards are experiments. For example I don't know if a tarot Discord server will ever take off, but I hope it may some day, and hope you'll try things out with me and suggest new ideas. I also hope to try new rewards in the future, like limited collections of my articles as a small book, special beta access to online tarot tools that aren't ready for prime time, and more. 

What your support means to me

Financial support helps me pay bills and reclaim time to work on my tarot projects. But through Patreon I realize I'm not only asking for your financial support, I'm also asking for your trust that with a community cheering me on, I can make some amazing things to enrich all of us. I want you to be excited for our readings together proud of what I create when you back me!

Thank you so much for being here. If you aren't a backer yet and want to talk, especially if you'd like a short one-card sample reading, please email me. Be well, and may you have a wonderful day!
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Lionel Tarot Blog Revival!
You've shown your interest, and I'm honored. Your support inspires me and lets me know that my tarot work is valued.

Your support provides:
  • Seasonal content updates, at least 4 a year!
  • Ongoing maintenance on the site to keep up with software updates and prevent bit rot.
  • Payment for technical fees associated with the site such as domain renewal and hosting.
  • Implementation of community rewards like a membership and comment system with patron badges and a page to honor my patrons.
  • Inspiration and time for an improved design and more!
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