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About Lionheart Studios

Hey everybody, It is I the Great Seth Lionheart! you may know me as LionheartXIII on Devart or Lionheart1013 on youtube. For a rather long time I've always wanted a steady job creating artworks, worlds and even games but never figured out how to do so until now. Recently I have moved into a 1 Bedroom appartment and while I am getting by alright things have not gotten better, I was recently fired from my job and am currently looking for a new permanent day job, and while I do get by through commissions it's still not enough to make a living off of.

Hence why I started this Patreon and Especially started Lionheart Studios, I do plan to add additional starving artists and designers such as myself permanently onto the team and produce even more Comics, Games and maybe a little naughty bits here and there. 

Right now Im still rather green to all this so the Rewards are low, but more Patreon support grants more rewards and better deals.

As of right now my Current Projects are:

Kuroniu: The Rebellion: A Fanbased RPG based off of Studio Liquids: Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru. Kuroinu Rebellion is a Alternative Story in which you the Protagonist Chose to fight agenst Volt and the Kuroinu Demonic Army fighting along side many lovely ladies. This is a Game for those who enjoyed the Characters and Setting of the Anime and Visual Novel but wanted something more Vanilla unlike the Original.

Genre: Hentai, Fan made, RPG, Romance, Harem, Alternative Story

Link to the Game V1.8 : 7 Zip File:
.exe Game File:

My Girlfriend is a Dark Lord: A Soft Reboot of a Previous Series called 'Elven Lovers'. I Ended up at a dead end with that story so decided to do a genre thats rarely touched on and is all kinds of fun to do, The Reverse Isakai Story. Think the Devil is a Part-timer.
The Story follows our hapless hero Brandon whom every night roll plays in a chat room with a group of very dedicated roll players, One individual the 'Dark Queen' who always plays as the anti-villain in their stories, ends up coming to like our protagonist abit and after months of chatting and talking they deiced to meet in real life on a date. Only for him to quickly realize she is a Actual Dark Queen from another world who has come to our world to establish a new nation for her forces of darkness. and she proudly proclaims our hapless hero as her Husband. Hilarity ensues as Waves of Various monsters come to our world to try and start a new life. and learning very quickly that these 'Forces of Darkness' aren't really evil nor the bad guys and are really just like everyone else.....besides the fact that they LOOK evil.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Harem, Monster girls, Reverse Isakai.

*Pending Cover Art*

Travels through Terra: A Original Webcomic series, A Fun Isakai story where a Young man named Seth who is chosen by the gods to save their world goes on a grand adventure through a interesting and adventurous fantasy world. This series is a Homage various fantasy themed anime, games and stories, with some curve ball twists to keep things intresting.

Genre: Shonen, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Harem, Isakai

Hell Knight Ingrid Doujin: A Hentai Comic based around the Hell Knight Ingrid/Taimanin Asagi Series.

Genre: Hentai, Alternative Story

A Possible Future Project includes

Kuroniu 2: The Invasion: Taking place several hundred years after the ending of Kuroinu: The Rebellion. You play as your Original Main Characters Great Great Grandson who has left on a Good will mission to make allies with the other Nations around the Seven Shields Alliance. However things go bad when a Succubus Radomira Appears along side A Decedent of the 'Demon Mercenary Vult' Dirk, They carry the banner of the Dark God Kuroinu and lead a massive demonic invasion to the other countries in order to fulfill their Dead Gods final wishes. Much like Kuroinu: The Rebellion this is a Alternative Story to Kuroinu 2, But wish for something more Vanilla. Also unlike Kuroinu 2 Characters and Decedents of Other Characters from Kuroinu make a appearance as well as additional characters. 

I Greatly Appreciate any and All Support you guys and gals are giving me, I promise I won't let you down!
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 "FULL PRODUCTION!"Excellent News, This has been moved down!

+Quit Job and work solely on Artworks and Game Content.
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+Can Hire Additional Creators.
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