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About LiquidDarkness

Hi there, fellow Internaut! Lovely to see you here, name's Jumack.
We should get to know each other, agree? Let me start, 'cause that's the section where I do that.
I make games.*
I'm a newbie game dev with lots to learn and lots ideas to realise! I do my best with the time and resources I have, hoping for a day when I will have more of both so that I can do more of what makes me (and others!) happy.
As for the Patreon and my games - you don't really have to pay to play what I publish, moreover, you can download them from Think of this page as of a tip jar kind of thing, if you will.
If you actually decide to support me, even for one month, I will consider you a friend and friends get benefits, right? They are strictly secret and friends-only, so please forgive for not spilling the tea. All I can say right now is that noone has ever complained.**
Anyways, look around and stick around, even if not for my creations. You will find reviews of other people's games that I find interesting or cool for some reason.

*I'm doing my best, alright.
** No, not because I don't have friends. Rude.

Kitty Kitty Bounce Bounce

The very first game I've ever published. It's a block breaker type of game, where the player helps the kitty destroy blocks and, by winning stages, unlocks next parts of kitty's story. If you like this game I have some ideas on what could be in 0.2 in the future*

*like the mispelled bounce in the Menu picture. Or should I leave because it fits so well?

Victorian Debutant
That's the game I wanted to debut with (kekekeke) but I overestimated my programming powers. Victorian Debutant is kind of visual novel in which the player gets to decide young girl's fate up to the moment of her debut. I have some mischevious plans for 0.2, so stay tuned!*

*Yeah, I know, I should first finish the 0.1 but I just like to plan ahead, sooo ahead
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