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Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to my page on Patreon.

My name is Lisa Grail and you have some important reason to be here. Because I believe that nothing happens randomly and our life is built out of many things that aren't random at all.
If you are here - it had to happen!
Who am I? Mainly - I am a singer, a founder of music projects "Union Grail" and "Lisa Grail" , songwriter, poet and an actress, playing a different characters in my music videos and creating scenarios.

Recently I realized the idea of being useful, serving people and sharing my experience with the world! I created a channel on Youtube, where I'm helping people with tips for improving their mental and physical condition, telling exciting stories of my life and of course, sharing my music videos and songs. Also I have an instagram profile, where I'm writing philosophical, psychologocal and esotherical articles and sing for my audience.
I'm deeply keen on music, cinema, psychology, metaphysics, non-traditional medicine, awakening, thoughts manifesting, human design, tarot predictions, lucid dreaming, paranormal phenomena and the other themes, which I’m going to talk about in my vlog.

I believe that everyone can find his/her benefits from my blogging and receive fresh useful and sometimes very weird information just in time, when they are ready to get it.

I'm inviting you to my journey and I'm really excited to start! I have some plans for you, guys!
Of course, I need some feedback and support from my virtual friends, that's why I'm here.
No need to tell you, it's not that easy to create videos, music, buy the equipment in order to improve the quality of material, working hard and trying to become professional in all spheres simultaneously!

So, I will be happy to receive money appreciation for my work. I will create different prizes to make you feel special and to say sincere THANK YOU that you are with me.

See you soon!
Stay true and kind - the rest things nevermind!

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When I reach 100 patrons, I'll start one week marathon online with kundalini yoga classes with me! 
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