Lisa Hallman is creating a blog to help bring purpose to those with chronic illness.

Patron Level 1

$1 /mo
At this level, you will help me to create a basic income for myself.  I wish to have most of my patrons at this level.  The more the better as my income will be more stable. 

My aim ...


Patron Level 2

$2 /mo
 I am looking for 250 patrons at this level.

You can submit ideas for articles you want me to write on my blog.

Patron Level 3

$5 /mo
As a level 3 patron, you can participate in Q & A's, on specified days.  

This is where for one day each week, you can ask me any questions and I will answer them.  You don't hav...


Patron Level 4

$10 /mo
There will be special perks to be determined by you at this level.  

You will have access to everything level 1 through 3 has access to.  

I also wholeheartedly th...