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About Lisa Luxx


I'm Lisa Luxx; poet, performer, philosopher and activist.
I'll tell you the stuff I'm proud of in my career, because that seems to be what weighs the most:
This year I was up for Best Spoken Word Performer at the prestigious UK-wide Saboteur Awards, and have been published by Tate Britain, New River Press, Tribe de Mama, Forward Poetry, i-D, Sunday Times and so on. I also released a new book earlier this year called The 4th Brain, which is a collection of poems and essay about my relationship with technology; from the cramp of net addiction to realising the power of the web for social change and a new political landscape. The book was a culmination of 5 years work, published DIY because I'm a big believer in DIY ethics and for a book about the web, it had to be done in a way that reflected the DIY net generation.

Now let me tell you more about what I'm invested in:
I write about mental health, about my worship of mama earth and the holiness of woman, about human potential, about how weird the internet is, about how revolution can happen, about consciousness in politics, about Syria (my heritage), about spirituality and about my queer identity. I write so that I survive, I share it so that other's may feel me holding their hand when they sink to darkness, I perform so that you always know I'm standing beside you at a protest. I'm showing up for you, for us, and for our ancestry.

Now, lemme have a word about why I'm here:
My work as an artist is my full time job, I had previous work at magazines and newspapers but I know that my most powerful tool is not the skills that can be used in the mill of a corporate machine, but the way I can engage and activate an audience with my words and performance. I have seen people leaving my gigs with the glint of truth in their eyes, and so I battle every day to stay true to my soul work, and keep writing stories that will set people alight. That may even set them free.
However, it's not easy and every month I struggle to pay my rent. Every week I have the anxiety of whether I can buy groceries or put fuel in my car (and I live up on a farm in the middle of the Yorkshire moors so without a car I'd be pretty stranded). No matter how much acclaim I may receive, the behaviour of commissioners and gig bookers is overall really, really awful. And it means I'm often left waiting months for measly pay or even not getting any proper pay at all. I don't think it's by chance that the people who carve the future (artists) by carrying people out of darkness, are the ones who's lifeline is the first to be cut.
We poets cut ourselves open on stage and let our insides hang out so that others may understand how they're put together. It's not only a lot of dawn til dusk working hours writing, editing, programming, rehearsing, promotion and admin but there's a high volume of emotional labour that goes into being so open and vulnerable. Often I'm pretty bad at socialising outside of work, partly because I've never got enough money for a drink, and partly because I've exhausted my energy on stage or in a short story or a public talk. When my tank is left empty like this, it'd be reassuring and safe to know that at least I had a home to retreat to and good food to nourish me. But it's not always the case.
So, I'm looking for a safety net. A group of people who will not only support me monetarily in creating new work with whatever they can regularly afford to give, but also be part of my sibling-hood who I can bounce ideas off too.
I would love for you to be a part of this in whatever capacity suits you. And if you continue to like what I do and believe in me as a tool for social change, then I can continue to be that.
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