Lisa Nowak is creating Quality Young Adult Fiction

The Winston

$1 /mo
  • My everlasting gratitude.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped bring a piece of quality young adult fiction into the world.
  • A collection of humorous and informative a...

The Casey

$3 /mo
All the previous rewards, plus:

  • High-quality jpegs of my book covers (including earlier versions of Running Wide Open and Driven), which, of course, you’re going to...

The Newt

$5 /mo
Each and every one of the previous rewards, plus:

  • A monthly Q&A post where you can ask me direct questions as well as hash it out with other fans about my books.
  • A PDF of...

The Loki

$10 /mo
All the aforementioned cool stuff, plus:

  • Character backstories I wrote to get to know two of my “bad guys,” Jess’s mom and Alex’s Old Man. These developmental tools have never been...

The Keelan

$25 /mo
All of the above niftiness, plus:

  • The opportunity to read and comment on early drafts of my manuscripts.
  • Your name in blazing neon letters in the acknowledgments o...