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Thank you so much for your support  ​♥  

Get access to all art, work in progress, and a monthly shoutout on my IG.

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Thank you so much for your support  

Get access to all art, work in progress, and a monthly shoutout on my IG.

Plus more behind the scenes, unfinished work, and a randomly selected print sent each month.

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I'm not expecting anyone to pledge this much but I mean, if you don't ask you don't get right?


On top of what is offered with the other tiers, you get to request a quick custom illustration per month, and you can get a copy of literally any new prints/merch I create. Hell, maybe we can grab a beer! Maybe this doesn't seem like a lot compared to the amount but hey, if you've got that kinda cash to sponsor an artist, why not do it? And why not make it me?




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About Lisa Rose

Hello, I'm Lisa Rose - artist, cat lover & pasta-based human.

I create illustrations inspired by female and queer experiences, bodies, sexuality, and empowerment. My focus is on creating more realistic images of people (especially women and marginalised genders), reclaiming them from the limits of mainstream media. I always strive to advocate for body positivity and sex positivity, both in my work and my everyday life.

I have been sharing my art on Instagram for a few years now, and while I will keep doing so I also wanted to create a space separate from both the visual limits of the app, and its continued censorship of sex positive and queer creators. I am hoping this platform and support from my patrons will give me the freedom to keep creating art, learning, and exploring.

I will learn how to best use this platform while I go so please be patient with me. As a starting point what you can expect is high res versions of what I post elsewhere, lineart, sketches, work in progress, unfinished work, a little insight into how I work, maybe some cat photos? I am open to suggestions!

If you want to see more before becoming a patron, you can check out my websiteInstagramEtsy, and Facebook.
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With $150 I can make sure I can pay for new prints every month, and set some aside for other merch every few months. Whatever amount you are pledging, you get to have a vote over what new merch gets made!
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